1. In 1968, Shell, hired known criminals (with a history of illegally disposing of nuclear 'waste'), to decommission its (secret) nuclear rector/testing cell.

2. That Shell paid the said 'criminals' a six-figure CASH sun (at today's prices).

3. That Shell's reactor/testing cell decommissioning did not go to plan. 4. That huge amounts of nuclear materials/waste (thousands of tons) was./were illegally dumped (onto an urban population), as part, consequence.

In 1993, following five years of research, my findings resulted in the commissioning of a TV programme for Carlton Television (UK national broadcaster)-.

A matter of days before the programmes proposed transmission Shell produced a 2900 word Narrative*, to explain away my allegations/research.

The said Narrative resulted in the TV programme being abandoned-

Shell claimed that 'I had got it wrong, for it was not a nuclear reactor/testing cell that had been decommissioned, rather, Shell claimed, it was a cobalt-60 labyrinth-

i.e., 'harmless' nuclear facility/waste'- this (Shell's Narrative) was/is an absolute/deliberate known lie.


However, I have (now) established that the Shell's Native was a (known) tissue of lies from start to finish.

Such is my evidence that Shell's legal head (Richard Max Wiseman), was wheeled forward to concede that Shell's said Narrative was a 'mistake'.

As I state, - see

Shell's Narrative/defence was no 'mistake' rather, it was a deliberate known, fraudulent sham Narrative to cover up Shell's wholesale nuclear dumping crimes.

Shell-following two years of correspondence with senior Shell directors- its Chairman and Legal Head- threatened/'would not hesitate' to sue me.

Despite Shell's specific prior threats to sue, it has refused to issue, or embark on any legal process.

Shell, aware of the truth* will not risk court action, hence no writs' despite its issued threats.

*See (latest media report included)

In response to my WEB site, Shell has now called in its scientific staff, and others, at Thornton Research Centre, Cheshire.

Refusing to refute the allegations, the Group repeats the line (lie) that I have refused to call in the 'Health & Safety'.

Shell have used its muscle once to get my site shut down-see site-now after threatening, my new' ethical web host, and failing to get 'him' to close down my site, Shell is presently endeavouring to get the entire domain closed.

Shell's lawyers latest-'challenge'.htm

source: john dyer



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