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FROM: Diane Black - wagntail@tpg.com.au

I have stood on both sides of the protest line in my time & march for worthier causes, however I can honestly say that I have never come across a greater group of hypocrites like yourselves.

You lot stand there sanctioning non violent protest, yet your actions are totally opposite.

You do everything outside of non violent & peaceful protest to cause the police to act & then use that small piece of police action & blow it out of all proportion to justify your case.

You make comments like "Why aren't the police out there protecting the community & locking up real criminals".

Did you stop to think that if your actions weren't so predictable each time you protest that police would not have to be there to control your misguided antics.

I am sure they don't mind being there on cancelled rest days and overtime to help pay your unemployment benefits.

You further make yourselves look like fools you are by protesting against corporate giants whilst wearing and eating the products of the companies you are protesting against.

Lets close down the big companies & put more people on the unemployed list.

Have you ever stopped to think what the flow on repercussions would be to millions of people.

By all means lets turn the economic sound countries in the world into the third world ones.

At least you will fit in with everyone else then.

Furthermore you lack any credibility whilst you let school/uni students be spokespersons for your cause.

Perhaps you could gain a little bit of credibility by practicing what you preach & at least let credible members of the community with some life experience speak for you instead of the naive students who purport to represent you.

This November if you step over the line then you deserve everything that the police dish out to restore order & allow the lawful citizens of this state to go about their life.

Peaceful protest, Yes. Your antics, No.

Citizen Kane

FROM: Diane Black - wagntail@tpg.com.au



FROM: David Democracy: drb_22@hotmail.com

You're a bunch of violent, antagonistic, hypocritical, chardonnay socialists!

You claim to represent the majority of Australians.

S11 had a turnout of 10,000 in a city of over 3,000,000.

Well you certainly represent .03% of Melbournians.

You assume that that anyone that is informed, intelligent and educated agrees with you.

I possess all three of these qualities and I vehemently disagree with much of what you stand for.

When will you lot learn that standover style blockades are NOT non violent.

Passive aggression is violence!

If you don't believe it think of how you'd feel if you're front door was blockaded by people who opposed you, and didn't let you in.

Violence breeds violence.

I walked past the anti war protest at the old Museum on Sunday and saw a plethora of Che Guevara flags.

He was the left wing equivalent of General Pinochet, do you lot have any idea how many free thinking Cubans he had executed?

Protest by all means, but do not blockade!

If I had to pass through a group of protesters I would take the time to talk to them and listen to their point of view, and they might even have some influence.

If I was blockaded, I would force my way through, as my democratic right of free passage would be compromised.

I would also sanction the police using horses, tear gas and water cannon to clear a path!

FROM: David Democracy - drb_22@hotmail.com