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FROM VANESSA - Silent Meditation, immobile resistance

A powerful and peaceful protest idea would be for all the meditators amongst us to sit, in silence, in the front rows.

Sending metta to the suits, flooding the streets with compassion.

No chanting, no shouting, no reacting, no aggression.

Strong postures and immobility.

Showing our strength, ability to look inwards, and determination to resist.

Complete, compassionate silence within the blockade.

Echoing the voicelessness of democracy in the face of WTO policies.

We can be peaceful, mindful, strenous and unprovokable.

Staying with the moment, observing our breath, sending love to all beings.

I reckon this could be a really different set of media images, create an incredible vibe on the streets, help us all not to lose the plot as we sit, and completely baffle our opponents with the kindness which informs our determination to resist injustice.




Hi, I am a supporter of the anti-WTO protests coming up in Sydney in Nov and have an idea for the protest.

The Brazil goalkeeper in the soccer world cup final knelt down after the victory and placed his arms outstretched as a symbol of the Jesus monument in Rio.

It was a very powerful non-verbal symbol of support for Brazil that went around the world. Many millions in Latin America remember it.

Given that current IMF policies and "free trade" are currently destroying Argentina and Brazil, I have a powerful symbolic suggestion for the protests.

At a pre-arranged time we all line up against the police and then kneal down and have our arms outstretched - just like the Brazil goalkeeper.

Just knealing, silent for one minute.

Knealing against the police is strongly suggestive of the non-violent movements in the US during the Vietnam and Civil Rights movement.

We can explain later to news agencies that the act is in memory of the thousands of children who have died in Latin America over the past 12 months due to free trade policies and a symbol of solidarity with Brazil and Argentina's troubles.

There would be one minute of silence in memory of the starving children.

You can call me on rememberkarma@yahoo.com.au before the protests to discuss how we arrange this.