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Why are people so unkind?


I just read the hate mail you've been sent.

It really brought a tear to my eye.

No, really.

I suggest you provide some kind of a link on the site to something which will help explain the mentality exhibited by the people who've volunteered to become subjects in this very interesting sociological experiment. I dunno, something along the lines of (Wilhelm) Reich's 'The Mass Psychology of Fascism'? Or maybe something by (Erich) Fromm?

I'd suggest one myself but I don't know of any.

Keep up the good work!


PS. Sorry, what I meant to say was:


Etc., etc., etc..

FROM: @ndy, andy@xchange.anarki.net




Your site sucks. How can you justify the terroists you greeny losers.

FROM: Patrick Pantalone, pat_pants@hotmail.com



22 OCTOBER 2001 - Jamie Morien part 1

S11 - Piss weak

I just wanted to let you guys know what a really bad job your doing.

Your communistic anarchistic ideology is about as self-contradictory as all your Nike wearing protesters etc.

You have no sensible policy, no realistic plan and no apparent intelligence whatsoever.

You could simply move to one of the wonderful havens of equality around the world like Cuba, North Korea or China, instead you attempt to usurp the bastions of freedom and choice around the world.

Everything I see come out of your organisation is hypocritical, contradictory and shallow.

Why not just become soccer hooligans or are you afraid of the other teams supporters?

Piss weak!

Regards, Jamie Morien morien@bigpond.com



22 OCTOBER 2001 - Jamie Morien part 2

I just wrote you guys an email to raise a few issues about your organisation.

In response you sent me an automatic response linking me to your "hate mail" page.

It does not at all surprise me that you would consider my email "hate mail".

Freedom of thought and freedom of speech are the first casualties when dealing with people like you. Your definition of "hate mail" is arbitrary and one-sided.

As a minority group you feel free to label anyone that does not agree with your peculiar actions and agenda a "hate group".

I think that you are making a big mistake publishing the "hate mail" on your website, because many balanced people probably read the words of others and find that your organisation is despicable.

If we can venture into fantasy land for a moment where S11 has political power then I am sure you would brand all correspondence that does not agree with your propaganda as "hate mail".

That smacks of totalitarianism which should be expected from insolent school children such as yourselves.

Why don't you speak to people who have escaped from socialistic regimes to get a proper perspective.

Read the following quote from Bertrand Russell

"If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence." -- Bertrand Russell, in "Roads to Freedom"

You people hear whatever you want to hear and believe whatever you want to believe.

If you were for real you would educate the population instead of incite violence in our streets.

As long as you wear Nike sneakers to Nike sweat-shop protests and live of the dole given to you from a government that you despise you will always be seen as hypocrites.

You ruin the landscape with your propaganda and you cost the average decent hard-working tax-payer in Australia money every time you run rampage in the streets.

No one takes you seriously...how could they?

So please post this email on your website along with the other one, or censor it with your communistic policy.

The tide of opinion is against you.

Not because you are fighting the establishment but because the public has little patience for stupidity.

Sincerely, Jamie Morien morien@bigpond.com



24 OCTOBER 2001 - Jamie Morien part 3

Well well. I must say that I am impressed by your consistency. By publishing my second email as well shows some kind of honesty. Alas I must be careful not to compliment you too thoroughly in case this message is not relegated to your "hate mail" page as well.

The purpose of this email is to draw your attention to the stir our little uni-directional dialogue has made. It seems that "Bob the Community Builder" has identified your 'deliberate irrationalism' and posted his concerns on an independent news site under the heading "Are the folk behind www.s11.org a nasty bunch?" The link is as follows: http://www.melbourne.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=18276&group=webcast .

Now that I have been exposed to certain publicity I must clear up a few seeming "irrationalisms" of my own. I have labelled you both "totalitarian", and having a contradictory "communistic anarchistic ideology". I must say that for me these labels were intended to illustrate the confusion many people have when trying to pin-point your true ideology. What I have discovered is that you are truly "deliberate irrationalists". This type of ideology results from the purposeful fabrication of social myths to incite rebellion against albeit imaginary foes. Carl Cohen in his "Communism, Facism and Democracy" identifies this kind of ideology as Fascist. So now I retract my previous statements as they are certainly slurs on Communists and instead I identify you as "Fascist Deliberate Irrationalists".

What lacks though is a deep-rooted patriotic sentiment. S11 hates everyone including nations. So this is not such an easy task. Pure Facism realises that social utopia can only be achieved through the cruelty, deception and hard-line of a dictator. And it requires the support of a nation that does not think.

Hitler himself said "What luck for the leaders that the people do not think". Well I guess you have that going for you - a following of people who do not think. Get yourselves a charismatic leader and your set. Maybe your leader could wear some kind of costume we he throws a few more pies at politicians. Then your sure to get some kind of patriotism. At present S11 lacks such formal organisational structure and instead it is a free-for-all that is played out on the city streets by brainless hooligans.

Will you publish this email too, or is the water getting a little hot? Anyway I'm resorting back to my original claim that your simply...Piss Weak.

FROM: Jamie Morien morien@bigpond.com



20 OCTOBER 2001

do you people really believe what you are putting out is the truth????

i had a real laugh at your site, beats the conspiracy sites for laughs ......keep up the good work





What a bunch of cowardly, ill informed hypocrites you are. Among other things, you object to Bill Gates?

You're using his technology! There's a reason he's so wealthy - you're LOOKING AT IT.

Where is your competition software/freeware? Do YOU work for nothing? Do you work at all? General Motors? Shell? General Electric? Ford?

Their crimes were committed over 40 YEARS AGO. What kind of car do you drive? Does it run on air? Stop living in the past.

NIKE? At an s11 protest I witnessed several months ago, outside a sportswear store, protesting NIKE - the guy with the megaphone doing all the screaming was WEARING NIKE SHOES!!

Do you think that people don't notice these things? Give us a break! What you're doing is causing visial and noise pollution, which is just as bad as air or water pollution!

Hypocrites! I am just glad that CHOGM has been postponed so I don't have to listen to your ranting next week. Maybe I'll be able to actually use our city streets.

Have the courage of your convictions and put your faces, and your names on your website!

Better still - take your website down. After all, the internet is the best example of globalisation there is!

From, Spacegirl aa.spacegirl@inorbit.com




At this moment I am pissing myself laughing at the "pie thrower" (along with Steve Bracks I'll bet)

Our good friend the "pie thrower" is probably getting rammed up the arse by a couple of big bikies in his prison cell at this moment - suck shit you wanker !!!

Good to see that our justice system works.

From, Mark Smith, s11suck@yahoo.com.au




Hi S11,

When are you going to protest against the unjust imprisonment of the Aid workers in Afghanistan and the recent terrorist attacks?

Could you kindly please go to their embassy or better still go to Afganistan and protest about the WTC bombings, the terrorist training camps, and the imprisoned Aid workers?

I'm sure the Taliban will welcome you warmly and listen to you with all due respect. :)

From Yau-ming Chiam, yauming@bigpond.net.au



Fuck you, fuck your movement and stick the bullshit you preach up your analy retentive butts. You Suck!!! Make a difference, help support the relief efforts in the U.S. http://clubs.lycos.com/live/events/september11.asp

From, James D.L. Royce jroyce@lycos.com



You people are playing with fire !! WE know that all of you are only a bunch of dole bludgers with nothing better to do, but there are people that will think S11 ? mmm - September 11 terrorists. But it does make me wonder, you nutty fucks enlist anyone. Anyway I HOPE THAT THE BRISBANE POLICE BASH THE ABSOLUTE FUCK OUT OF YOU IDIOTS IN OCTOBER.

From, barry smith againsts11@yahoo.com.au



To s11 Dont you think there are some intelligent people out there who can put the pieces together?

September 11?..... I feel suspicious of your organisation particularly who are the people that run your group?

I feel that somewhere in your ranks are the people with the capacity for what happend on September 11 huh?

Have i got cause to trust my intuition, that is you people are the ones wanting war?

Terrorism is not the answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Idiots like bush and those "running" this world are sure to fall on their own evil swods without eny need for terrorism..... put your faith in Love!!! peace

From, Alan Coyle coyle46@hotmail.com



You mob of sick FUCKS! Why don't you open your eyes to what has happened in New York and shut your stupid fucking site down, or are all you arseholes so disrespectful of human life that you would celebrate this

From, Darren Clarke waiting4dazza@ozemail.com.au



Yes I protest with everything that you do.

Why don't you get a life.

From, Grahame Tiplady grahame@sitgas.com.au




If I see any of you s11 barsteds....

Ill stop to kick ure teeth out and then bury you out bush.

and my friends will help.

you bunch of hippy barsetds!


From, Josh Smith oshsmith1@ozemail.com.au




There is currently a conspiracy theory that yourself and your web site s11.org is somehow connected to the tragedy yesterday.

I noticed you've made substantial modifications to your web site and WhoIs registration address.

I believe you should forward all relevent information to the authorities and reveal whatever it is you know.

I am sure that there is no connection between your WTO protest and this mass murder, but your assistance will help eliminate questions.

FROM: Matt Craig, virtualmatt@hotmail.com




s11 and terrorist attacks

i know s11 was involved in the terrorist attack in newyork why else would it happen in september and at the wtc ill watch your back if i was you or your group may find itself caught

From, Brendan angelofmercy@kooee.com.au



You lot can burn in hell.

From, Nick Hey: nickhey@start.com.au



You people are pitiful! (You'd probably say 'pathetic'). So you intend to disrupt the quiet commerce of a beautiful city. We have witnessed today what happens when people become too ideologically driven. Nothing is sacrosanct. Everything becomes subordinate to your twisted zealotry.

You are no different from the people who perpetrated this monstrous act except in dimensions of scale. You are coming to Brisbane to foment trouble in the streets.

You intend to promote, if not provoke, dissent and disruption. You will claim that you are peaceful and that it is the authorities which initiate the violence. Get a life! No-one except your own coterie of like-minded stirrers believes that. I mean, why should people listen to a bunch of unemployed (otherwise you'd be at work on the days) morons who cannot spell "independent" correctly...and can't even manage "Murdoch" which adorns your first page! "Murdock"?

Give me a break! Go back to school. It is obvious that that is where people of your maturity should be.

From, Anthony Youell antoinette@hotkey.net.au



29 AUGUST 2001

hey u want to come to macca's wif me and go buy sum nike stuff in my holden commodore!!!! p.s. we can go have some pepsi too in the vatican hey u got windows XP yet, i do, its really good. from a person who wants info on globlisation (a student from mhs)
E-mail: s003335@mhs.vic.edu.au


9 AUGUST 2001


I'd like to ask a favour. Can you please use the same glue as industry standard when attaching s11 posters. In sydney, I was lulled into a false sense of security because the posters were so easy to remove. In places such as wollongong however a paint scraper is required. In future I would like to know what tools I will need in advance so I dont need to carry extra.

FROM: John Lackenby jl04@uow.edu.au


4 AUGUST 2001

Hello there,

You should probably check your source for the Bill Gates fact.

The average American worker makes US$30k a year - and your figure states that the poorest 104 million americans have an average worth of around 500$.

It might take you a while to make the connection so I'll tell you now - it's highly unlikely.

And also, I am very off put by your refusal to surrender even a shred of moral substance to the 'other side'.

Your whole attitude is about one sided negativity and it is hard to differentiate from any other hate group in its stupidity and bitterness.

The one big difference is that other hate groups are far less vain and self admiring.

FROM: ProffesorP@aol.com


28 JULY 2001

Suck shit to the dirty cunt who was shot.

I hope the Victorian Police get their shit together and shoot some of you dirty red faggots....

You are filthy red pieces of shit.

Fuck off to North Korea if you want to fuck Stalin up the arse so much.

Heres hoping the cops belt the absolute fuck out of you CUNTS.

FROM: Herb Reathstinks her1111@yahoo.com



27 JULY 2001:

you must realise that the vast majority out there have absolutely no idea why you are protesting and are saddened by your pitiful protests which only serve to cloud the pursuit otherwise worthwhile issues such as environmental protection.

Extreme elements within your organisation are using your protests to act out like preschoolers and behave violently, well done.

FROM: Brett Grose" grosey@optusnet.com.au


15 JULY 2001

Do you people have a 'vision'?

An ideal in which your organisation strives to achieve for the world through its actions? Please could you explain how shutting down Nike will result in its overseas workers being better off with no income at all... how will their quality of life improve without employment through these multinationalist organisations?

Is not the reason these large companies have factories overseas in third world countries to ensure the people have some source of income versus nothing at all and a state of desolate poverty?

Is it really the people you are concerned about, or the large companies you just want to have a go at for their affluent status?

These are educated people we're talking about.

Where would Australia's economy be without international trading? I'm sure we'd be a third world country too.

The world is dependant on international trading sources in order to stimulate economical growth so that all people can benefit from a better quality of life... unfortunately, these people in 3rd world companies are losing out... but they were 3rd world countries long before the multinationalists came on the scene.

And I'm sure they're not being treated as badly as you think they are, having never been abroad yourself.

On what sources are you reliant?

Where did you get the information on how badly these people are being treated?

How will the world become a better place without these large international companies?

Thanks again, Krista



11 JULY 2001

I visited your site in order to gain some information about

a) your causes for protesting

b) what you have actually achieved in the long run and

c) the opinions of the general public regarding your 'humanitarian' endevours to cause trouble and 'educate' them about the issues you are ill-informed about...

your group is mainly consisted of dole bludgers and secondary school kids who appeal to your causes in that they involve rebellious courses of action and the oppitunity to appear on the news in some sort of brawl with the police

(who could be dealing with more important felonies had you not been wasting their time, and then you go and hypocritically file complaints about them being violent when you were the provocators)

only to front up at school on monday with tales of 'guess what I got into a fight with the police on friday'...

And what exactly do you achieve by having these periodical protest rallies every friday?

I'm sure by now everyone knows who you are, so that rules out the need to raise awareness of your organisation.

Banners, advertising... this all costs money, money that could be better donated to charities and sent to the people of these 3rd world countries you seem so intent on standing up for their rights!

Is it really these people you are concerned about, or are you just using them as an excuse to rebel against multinational, affluent organisations of which you will never match in success or finance stakes?

They're big and overwhelming- they make you as such a small organisation, living off whatever petty cash you get your hands on - be it government funding or whatever, feel so insignificant.

And so 'the little people must be heard...'

If you feel the need to fight for some sort of cause, I can hardly understand why you would not look in your own backyard.

Try Broadmeadows... why overseas?

I bet none of you have actually been to these factories overseas, to see first-hand what exactly goes on.

Where did you get the reports of working conditions overseas?

Your organisation is a joke.

You don't feel any real empathy for these people.

You just want to cause a scene and get people to sit up and take notice of you for your rebellious political activism.

And as for your hate mail section... every one of those letters, bar 2 of which were all of about 3 lines each, mispelled, and gramatically pitiful, left you speechless - because they spoke the truth.

You were only able to retalliate to 2 of those letters - clearly an example of verbal defeat on your part.

Why couldn't you make some sort of response to conteract their arguments?


from: Krista Raft (schizophreniccatlady@yahoo.com)



30 JULY 2001- from the m1 announce list

I hope everyone on this list attended the funeral of Roy Longmore, the second last Anzac at St Marks Anglican Church.

If not you are all hypocrites and sad human beings.

I think his great grand daughter said it best:

"Roy Longmore was the very essence of modesty, humanity, sacrifice, survival and courage.

It is unbelievable to think that Roy has lived in three different centuries and had to live with 87 years of graphic memories of those bloody battles of war.

Eighty-seven years of waking up every morning and continuing life as normal, 87 years of being nothing less than a hero, 87 years of never once complaining of it."

You see, this man is the reason you are have the freedom to fight your pathetic causes.

He has done more for Australia, and on an even larger scale, the world, than any of you will ever do with your sad little lives. I did not see one announcment on this list giving details to his funerel.


He has faced horrors you and I can only imagine.

You just fight against a shoe company. He fought against nations.

You deface McDonalds.

You pass out pamphlets with obviously wrong information and he faced an onslaught of bullets, grenades and near impossible situations.

Does your meaningless position in society clear now?


I am not using the great mans death as an excuse to rubbish you but just to point out that this man fought in A WORLD WAR and never once complained about it. He saw friends die.

You provoke violence at every protest and then complain about how the police were so harsh when you started it all.

Just pointing out that how shameful your actions are and how you should not even consider yourselves humans, let alone Australians.


from peter: cause_the_end@hotmail.com



21 JUNE 2001


After attending a local protest outside the Nike store in Melbourne a couple of Fridays ago I can safely say that s-11, M-1 and all the other miniority groups who believe their pathetic attempts at protest will change anything, are a bunch of uneducated morons with little else to with their time than interupt hard working Australians.

You cant seriously tell me blockading one Nike store for a couple of hours each week will actually do anything when all people have to do is walk down the street and buy them in the several other stores that stock Nike shoes, socks, clothing and misc. merchandise.

What sad jokes you all are.

The thing is that you all think that you can change the world.You cant and you never will.

You blockade the Crown Casino for a couple of days and the people attending have to arrive by boat or by air, with little to no disruption what so ever and you claim victory.

Well, wasnt it a hollow victory?

The main thing you did was not allow a group of school children to attend a meeting with Bill Gates that could help their future.

Great, so you depreived children the chance to have an option.

Well done! You all must be proud!

You stop the stock market for a day? so what??!?

Your voice is not being heard except by those who alread follow your cause.

The rest of the world see you as unemployed lay abouts who just like causing trouble. Am I just rehashing a sterotype?

Well when the majority of you is a sad sterotype then the answer is naturally, no. And 99% of you are completly illinformed about working conditions over seas. You quote how little people get paid.

Well it is either get paid the way they do which is often 3 or 4 times the amount they would get from a company homed in their own country, or, become prostitutes.

So the question is work for money or become a prostitute?

If you had to feed a family when you're 10 years old would you work for money or become prostitutes?

But then again I guess you would have to understand what it would be like to go with out.

The Western world has little idea about working conditions and the way people conduct their lives over seas.

You are just following along like sheep. I feel sorry for you.

Did you realise that the organiser of the S-11 at Crown was wearing Nike shoes and talking to the press on a Telstra phone.

Two companies s-11 was protesting against? Or do you just over look those little facts because they don't suit you?

Im sure some of you believe you are making a difference. You're not!

And when you all grow up you will realise how little you voice actually is.

And next time you are at a protest and mock police, spit on them, taunt them, throw fish hooks at them dont go crying like little children when they retaliate.

You provoked it!

from peter: cause_the_end@hotmail.com


- this email below is a reply to peters (above) previous emails

Bob Holderness-Roddam replies to Pauls email

You make a number of ill-informed statements relating to protestors working to prevent corporate dominance of Planet Earth.

Lets have a look at the facts.

Protestors are not uneducated morons.

Indeed, most are involved because their studies have shown them just how serious the situation is regarding the environment and social disruption caused by corporate imperialism.

You say protestors can't change the world.

What bullshit! Protestors were responsible for the eventual success of anti-slavery, anti-transportation, women's franchise, anti Vietnam war, gay rights, Franklin Dam, anti Apartheid in South Africa, etc., etc.

Deprived children of meeting with Bill Gates. Big deal!

Do you really think a meeting with the man who has a personal fortune greater than many of the world's poorest economies is going to make this planet a better place to live.

Get real! Stopping the stock market for a day would have made a number of people at least start to ask questions.

Investors are turning to socially responsible and ethical investments. This move has certainly been encouraged by protests such as M1 and that against Nike.

The reason that people in third world countries are so underpaid is that they had their productive lands stolen by colonial powers and multinational corporations for forestry and monoculture crops such as coffee.

These people are now forced to produce consumer crops, which are sold at inflated prices in so-called 'civilised' countries, for a pittance.

I hope you scald yourself on your next cup of coffee - someone probably works for slave wages for your privilege.

Only a very small minority of protestors use violence against Police. Unfortunately the media always blow up the violence, because it makes good TV = good ratings = more advertising revenue.

In the majority of cases the Police initiate violence. Having said that, if violence is the only way to save the world from the greedy for the needy, then let there be violence!

FROM: Bob Holderness-Roddam : bobhroddam@trump.net.au


NOTE: Peter (2 letters above) has received many replies from readers (like the one just above) and now here below is his heated and abusive responce.



Well it seems I have ruffled more than a few feathers.

I have been called everything from an o.k guy to a complete fuck wit to a typical Capitalist parasite.

Let me first say that many of you said I was obviously an unemployed layabout (isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?) I own my own successful IT/Games Design business.

Many of you said I was uneducated.

I obtained my education at Penligh and Essendon Grammar School and worked hard through several IT courses.

And no my family are not rich. My mother worked two jobs to put me through my initial education and I put myself through my courses.

I have worked my business up from my bungalow at the back of my parents to a highly successful company located in the Melbourne CBD.

I wont tell you its name because Im sure one of the well educated intelligent among you will try and destroy the property with grafitti.

I wouldnt habe to close my doors and board up my windows because of the educated people protesting.

I created this business with my own blood, sweat and definately tears.

I feed my family with the money I make.

I make! Unlike the majority of you who leach off the system! How many of you actually collect a dole check with no intention of finding a job?

The majority no doubt! I thank my lucky stars everyday that I am in a country that allows me to do so. I have also been fortunate enough to travel extensively through out the world and to the third world countries.

I always look at all sides of the coin...and for those who commented, I do not read the Herald Sun (except for the Garfield comic) or watch Channel 9 News.

And I am definately not Andrew Bolt!! I told you this information above because this is a western view of "success".

People are unable to detach themselves from western values of success and other countries.

The fact is working in a Nike (or these kinds of factories in general) factory for people overseas is the equivalant of the wage I give myself.

This feeds their family. One argument in a response said that people could not become financial because western companies would not allow them.

This is missing the point.

Many of these people come from backgrounds where money is no importance to them except where it is needed to pay for food.

They have no need for big houses and a bank balance.

Their culture has survived for thousands of years without it, why is money so important now?

Because a Western community says so.

This is pure arrogance and misunderstanding of the foreign culture that western people are guilty of time and time again.

The garbage you spew forth is just that.

A complete misunderstanding of the basic facts!

I have literally seen hundreds of factories and not once have I seen, as one response implied, people having to urinate in bags under the table because they are not allowed toilet breaks.

Where did you get this information?

I have read thousands of pages of reports on these factories and not once has it said anything remotely about situations like that?

Maybe Im getting the reports that are covering up the truth.

That must be it. I must be blind. I havent been there and seen the actual factories time and time again.

They are factories that suit their needs and standards.

With out these factories nearly all the families would be homeless, their children prostitues and for those who are homeless 80% of them have one parent dead.

I have gone on many (9 infact) trips to 3rd world countries to help with famine or hunger relief, my company has even donated large sums of money towards the cause, so no, I am not a selfish prick manipulating people and feeding off misery and apathy.

I didn't go looking for the factories but they were there, and often they were the only things holding up a community.

Naturally there are bad factories, even disgusting factories, but these are in the vaste minority. But, some how seem to be the ones getting all the publicity. I wonder why? Look in your own backyard.

There are thousands and thousands of people working around Australia in slave labour! WHAT?! NOT HERE?!

You think every refugee is caught?

You think there arent thousands of people being slaved away by people as whores on the street corners of your very town? But why fix them?

They have the oppurtunity right? WRONG! Just because we are in a free country doesnt make everyone free.

-------- Nike approached the protestors at Melbourne to talk, but the protestors refused to talk saying that the reprosentatives from Nike had to come to the protest line and inform everyone.

This simply does not work and if you think it will, especially when dealing with business professionals, you are wasting your time.

This also does not give Nike a bad name as some of you said.

Nike spend millions of dollars on advertisement to convince the world they are the best in shoes etc.

Protesting out side one store will not do a difference and this will cause no snow ball effect.

Has there been other protests in other cities outside Nike? No. ---------

I, ofcourse, believe in freedom of speech but not the way you are doing it. It is the wrong way.

You do not use violence too show your cause.

If the Crown protest had been peaceful the awesome effect of thousands upon thousands of people blockading the streets would have been sensational, except it resorted to violence.

Violence protestors started! Pure and simple.

I was in the middle of it for the three days.

I have read many times in this list about (I forget the term given to them) people dressed in protective gear so they can man the front line of protest and push forward.

What else would a police officer do if a row of people dressed in protective gear came their way? Exactly the same thing you would do.

If someone is not allowed somewhere, they dont go, what ever it takes.

Just thank yourselves your in a country where you can start a fight and claim the police hit you too hard and then claim compensation.

Crying like children again!! Ofcourse if you got assaulted the first thing you would do would be to call the police. Hypocrits!

----------- The simple fact is that you are percieved as this.

A bunch of unemployed lay abouts with nothing better to do than cause trouble for hard working Australians and make excuses that you won't bow down to the pressures of "the man" instead of supporting yourselves with a job, all the while leaching off the government most of you protest against.

I know some of you are business owners and professionals but that means little.

Am I wrong in sterotyping you like that? No. Because that is how the world see you. A disruption.

Yes I know you have to make a disruption to make a difference and the million other cliched lines you can spew forth.

But what have you done? Educated the world? No.

Have you done anything significant. No. Except annoy a lot of people.

There are probably 5% of you out there who are actually trying to educate people about your cause, are walking the talk so to speak and for that I take my hat off to you.

To the other 95% of you who are pretty much a waste of space ("no it is you who are the waste of space" I can see the responses now), get ure head out of your own ass and get meaningful lives, not one that exists purely to make trouble and fight a cause the majority of your clearly don't understand.

Peter : cause_the_end@hotmail.com




As an Australian citizen and an ex-service man, I can honestley say that you people are a pack of idiots, you make the country look bad in the eyes of the rest of the world, you really dont know what you are talking about

eg.a person at your demonstration at Nikes melbourne offices was wearing Nike shoes and a Nike t-shirt .

You claim that your protests are peacefull but after standing 15 meters from your Nike protest, I witnessed members of your organization provoke, gode ,physically and verbaly abuse the police who just happen to be doing thier job .

The question must be asked , How many people in your organization actually work real jobs?

How many people in your organization are not proffessional students (REAL BLUDGERS)?

A global economy is not a bad thing , manufacturing is heading offshore because labour unions are pricing us as potential employees out of the market , with foriegn investment we may be able to repair some of the damage that has been done to us as a nation , we rode the sheeps back for far to long and neglected secondary industry.

If you achieve what you as a group praport to be after , the only thing you will achieve is turning our country into a third world country for we cannot survive without foriegn investment from global companies.

Craig Fernleigh daventri@one.net.au



20 MAY 2001


I went on your web site today to try and get a basic understanding of what you actually think you are achieving through your protests.

Frankly I don't get you people, you are portraying yourselves as people who want to help the world, but you spend heaps of money on banners and advertisements.

You are against global corporate companies, but a whole series of your protesters where there gear.

Corporate companies aren't that bad, god knows they give more to charity then you lot.

Corporate sydney is giving a lot of people jobs, what do you propose will happen to them if it is shut down.

No matter how much you fight corporate bodies, they do good things amongst the bad and without them our unemployment rate would sky rocket even further.

You do not seem to even care about the people who work in these establishments that you are shutting down.

For people who are so concerned about the world, you lack compassion for your fellow man.

I don't think that you realise that, through your attempt to get peoples attention all you have become the butt of many jokes from multiple writers and comedians.

I think you need to seriously consider putting some thought behind your cause and stop being so hypocritical.

You need to look at the broader picture before you judge it.

FROM: Nicole Coffee: nescafe_blend_43@hotmail.com



8 MAY 2001

Congratulations M1!!!!

You have now further reinforced my view that democratic socialism is all but dead in all its forms.

Just as Timothy McVeigh sits on death row in the United States of America, so too does radical socialism await its imminent demise.

The protest in Melbourne was nothing but a group of ad hoc protesters scapegoating whoever they saw fit. Maybe all the money spent on fliers, advertising and banners may have been better spent on actual charities.

Maybe, instead of standing outside causing havoc on inner city Melbourne, the protesters could have been door-knocking houses to raise money for worthy causes.

My major gripe with M1 is that it constantly calls for action and protest, yet never provides solutions to today's socio-economic problems.

I understand your position and stance on many issues.

However, you consistently fail to do more than simply bringing attention to your cause. Maybe, you should involve yourself with negotiations with big businesses to organize certain charity donations, or that a percentage of their profits are directed to certain groups.

Constant acerbic complaining will not draw attention to the issues you want to raise.

For once, why don't you provide the general public with solutions to today's problems?

Then, and only then, will the people listen.

Furthermore, if you want to gain the respect of the public, you must be better organized.

The M1 protest in Melbourne did little other than to show the community that there was a 'catch-all' group of people protesting against anything and everything (This is not to say that the variety of causes were not noble).

If you want to protest against the free-market economy, do so, but make it obvious that this is your major cause for concern.

Then, with this in mind, you will be able to provide solutions - real answers - to today's problems.

Unfortunately S11 and M1 were shambles.

In the future you must be better organized and contemplate how your actions will be perceived by the general public.

Remember, your cause will not be supported, if the people are unsure what it is they are supporting.

FROM: Simon Schenkel Bachelor of Arts - Dean's Scholar Program Monash University:



2 MAY 2001

To the organisers of, and participants in M1

You are the biggest bunch of hypocritical wankers I have seen.

For startes you use the internet to get your message across. I would have thought the internet typifies globalisation.

Yet you embrace it to further your cause because it's convenient. How many other conveniences do you make use of?

Yesterday I saw M1 protestors wearing Nike shoes, and eating McMuffins on their way to another hard day's work on the dole, I mean being a professional protest participant.

I have a couple of questions to put to M1 sheep.

First of all, how many participants in the protests are actually employed and pay income tax.

Seeing as the protests were on a work day, I'm guessing not many.

You know all those people whose day you disrupted by hindering them going to work - who do you think pays taxes so you career welfare recipiants can live?

Secondly, do you think that police resources around the country could have been better used instead of having to babysit a bunch of wankers making sure they didn't impinge of the civil liberties of the majority?

While police were having to fulfil their duty of care to people wanting to carry on like thugs, there were fewer officers to serve members of the tax paying public.

And don't these people deserve better? After all they are the ones paying taxes which pay for the police.

Thirdly, I'm sick of listening to the same socialist left, tree hugging pissing and moaning from some fool who wants to complain about getting hurt in one of these protests.

Further to that, some of these brain surgeons and irresponsible enough to bring their children with them.

This in my opinion is nothing short of child abuse.

Police don't start the violence at these protests.

It's halfwits who use a pack mentality to have cheap shots at men and women who get paid not a whole lot of money to do a job most people don't have the courage to do.

It's not about protesting, it's about getting revenge on the police for them arresting some shit bag and seizing their drugs.

I suppose stabbing police officers in the leg with a syringe is a lawful and productive means of protest?

Police are in the unfortunate situation of having to be zoo keepers on days like yesterday.

I'm sure there are plenty of other things they would rather have been doing.

Do you think anyone really cares about hat your protesting?

They may if you did it in a more civilised and mature way. You claim to be educated people.

Why don't you behave like it? I'm all for free speech, but not when it's done in a way that impinges on the civil liberties of other people.

We are all entitled to our rights, not just those who make assholes of themselves in the streets.

Finally. I had a look at your website regarding protestor rights as far as the police are concerned.

You may want to get a second opinion on some of the information you've been provided with.

Whoever has provided you with it only thinks they have an idea about criminal law and police procedure.

It's no wonder your members get arrested.

I would really like to hear a response from organisation.

Dirty Harry: dirtyharry_44@hotmail.com

PS. As you may have guessed this is not my real name. But you're not the police so why should I have to?


2 may 2001

I was ashamed to watch your bunch of losers ,misfits and usless out and out thugs protestion.

My only regret was that I wasnt a member of the Victorian police.

Why your group protests against multi national companies has most people confused.

You people dont work , have never worked and live off the social welfare that is provided by the average Australian.

I say get a life losers, get a life.

Further the illiterate who made up your webs site address, well what can I say 1/10

m marramarra marramarra@one.net.au



1 may 2001

After seeing your website and observing the protests from my Rialto Office, I have a few comments for the M1 Alliance.

First of all, our premier is STEVE Bracks and not JEFF Bracks, it is either 2nd or 3rd and not "2rd" (which funnily enough you can pronounce as 'Turd'). Just by looking at your Website (which basically promotes capitalism in the form of the IT industry anyway), it clear that the M1 is just a bunch of kids trying to resurrect the hippy spirit and who really have no idea of the real world.

Money will always be in our lives in one form or another, hence capitalism will always be evident in one form or another - unfortunately it is just the way of the world. Even in a non-monetary system we would still need some form of tender, otherwise barbaric acts will prevail and the notion of "Only the strong shall survive" will be our constitution.

If other countries are run in a barbaric way, why not try protesting where the source of the problem lies (i.e. in the Phillippines) instead of here in Australia?

The propoganda you have published and spread has turned impressionable young kids into "World Haters" when a vast majority of them are living the very life and wearing the products that they are protesting.

They are only getting half the picture.

Why not educate them about everything and then let them make their own decisions. What does a 16 year old know about the world to go and protest about something so passionately and perform random acts of violence? Your idealistic views of the world need to be intelligently brought to the media and maybe even to the governments in question rather than in the form of a ridiculous protest that, at the end of the day, will achieve nothing.

I understand that support for such a large issue is hard to obtain from the likes of the government, however a wild protest is not a good way to gain parliamentary support or obtain financial support from any influential people.

*Just one final point, I'm not an avid football fan, but I am extremely disgusted that you are slandering Wayne Carey and branding other football players as gay (Wayne actually just got married), when they are role-models for many of the younger generation.

*Your use of language and that disgusting video was absolutely uncalled for and in my opinion, gives you "redneck" status. refers to bantheboot.com

What did you hope to achieve by doing this?

If someone is gay it is firstly none of anyone's business and secondly, is not even pertonent to your arguments.

You have no right to force-feed rubbish down everybody's throats just to gain support for what started to be a worthy cause that turned sour. Thank-you for disrupting my work day and threatening the safety of my wife, my property and myself.

Yours sincerely, Peter


1 may 2001

you are a bunch of thugs hasn't anyone ever heard of peaceful protests where would the world be without big business we would all be living in grass huts the people such as bill gates are very smart people who have worked hard to get were they are.

globalisation is a good thing watch the southpark episode about starbucks moving to southpark.

greg ford: gregford@ductape.net

M1 REPLIES - 5 may:
M1 was peaceful. what planet are you on?

7 may 2001 - 2rd message from greg ford

not from what I saw on the news it wasn't you blocked the stock exchanges in basically every capital city in aust. you interrupted others trying to earn a living peaceful???????

how many drugs were you on at the time, I saw on the news live, there were people burning things putting paint all over the place smashing windows etc...... I bet alot of the protesters are on the dole smoking pot or rent a crowd.

if it wasn't for big business Australia would be even more worse off financially than it already is. globalization is a good thing but also bad if the company's go too far e.g. shell in Africa.

greg ford: gregford@ductape.net



1 may 2001

Hi, I have never seen nor read more hypocritical bullshit than your website supplies.

You are all jokes and are exposing yourselves as so.

Corporate globalisation....um I believe the internet is a big part of it. Yet you feel it is OK to use because you use it.

How convenient! Never heard of Microsoft? Netscape?

You think S11 is strong......I have a stronger force coming your way soon...........*bang*....something backfired!!

P N pdn1999@yahoo.com



1 may 2001

you retards you are so fucked its not funny, without big corporations, we would be thrown back into a stoneage. without big corporations and globalization you would not be able to print off your nazi propaganda and use the internet to broadcast your hypochrasy, how many of your supporters wear nike shoes and eat Mcdonalds? email me back at clownslayer@ihateclowns.com if you have any regards. I hope you get your arses kicked today and the coppers kick the shit out of your pathetic excuse for a protest.

Rachael Meager <meagera@mowbray.vic.edu.au>



14 april 2001:

subject: freaks
you are all freaks of nature who are unable to understand what your trying to protest about. even though we all know your not really interested about what your protesting about because all you want is anarchy. funny thing is that if we had true anarcht you weazels would not survive, you only survice because the masses tolerate you. you are the weakest links, good bye freaks.

Grant Stuart: virginmegan@hotmail.com


4 april 2001:

Hey you forget about your fucking protest shit and other mother fucking rebellious shit going on Well Whats wrong with NIKE Its good though and features the best athletes in the world And Thats All I have To Say about that SON OF BITCHES MOTHER FUCKERS HAHAHAHAHa

Isaiah Raval: da_big_ticket_21@yahoo.com


26 march 2001:

u r a bunch of hippy losers, whoi hosts your website? who makes the os and browsers u use? hypocrites
Clinton Duncan: cjduncan@dingoblue.net.au

27 march 2001:

funny how you havent answered my questions...i challenge you to answer them.
Clinton Duncan: cjduncan@dingoblue.net.au


17 march 2001

What the fuck do you hope to achieve by blockading A store for one day?

Why do I have to ask someone this question? If the web site was any good at all! these questions would be covered and the questions answered immediately. A skeptic doesn't want to see naked people they want to see reasons to signup!

If realistically we want anything to happen the first move is to stop smoking grass and start combing our hair! S11 and M1 are touching upon a revolution that was generated buy people thirty years ago! Ever heard of a hippie?

Why did they fail? because their motivation included sex and drugs. Once they stopped that they just conformed. FUCK THAT drugs don't generate clear thinking and motivation. and sex whilst being fun at the time ultimately ends up increasing the population.

If we are going to cause an efficient and widespread change we shouldn't put pictures of people throwing rocks at busses along side naked people running around with green hair. Firstly Because clothes are for warmth. Secondly if we continue with the new age Hippie persona we will alienate people. Furthermore the die you use to colour hair is a chemical that dose nothing good for the environment at all.

Simplify your attire and express yourself through your actions not through aceorrising your body! ie Piercing of any type, Jewelry and chemicals in your hair. Let me know about some meetings and we can discuss the issues further.

Andrew Rance: Andrew_Rance@bmc.com



15 march 2001


Will YOU sit back and watch the S11 disrupt the first of May, as they did last September; delaying public transport, inciting violence, and attempting to stop workers from accessing the stock exchange on Collins street?

Will YOU sit there and shake your head without doing anything to show the majorityıs opinion?

Join NCP on May day to repel any subversive, non-peaceful action by rogue factions.

Contact via E-mail: NCP2010@another.com



March 13 2001

I Hope you all get run over by police again on May the 1st.

You are all wankers, and deserve the violence that you envoke!!

You think your so good, You are nothing!

Your violent ways not only turn ordinary people away from your cause, but ruin the image of many cities in the world.

No one cares about you!

So go and do somehting more useful than a violent protest!

Actually do something about the problems which you say you dont want. A violent protest wont do any of that!!

Go and get a job you dickheads!!

I know I'll be waiting and watching for all of the police to get back on all you hippies.

Hmmmm Squashed Hippies!! HAVE FUN!!!

From Sharen Potsworthy: sharen1969@hotmail.com



Febuary 14 2001


You guy's should really be ashamed of your selves.

I have just seen your group leader on the news, are you sure he is not a paedophile.

I mean contacting young children and schools, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

School is for the 3x r's, let the children decide when they finally get out into the real world.

Ever heard of the"Hitler Youth" same ideas.

From Virgina O.D.B.S. ODBS@bigpond.com



January 2001

Hello, part of the reason i have trouble committing my time to s11=m1 is the fact that you have become an ugly organisation.

Obviously full of un educated extremists who don't even have a solid set of goals!

You have a link to propaganda on your web site.

You are promoting visual pollution.

Which in turn motivates losers to spray paint moronic slogans all around our city.

If you gave a fuck about the environment your propaganda would be deterring people from doing this because the chemicals used to clean spray paint is detrimental to the environment!

Also if you are going to put Ghandis word on this site don't contradict them.........

Exerts from your site "Gandhi promoted a constant dialogue between opponents with a view to ultimate reconciliation. Insults, threats, and propaganda only serve to obstruct the goal. "

("DA WORLD BANK IS WRONG") Remember were in the year 2001 in Australia not the USA in the 80's DA is not english.

feel free to ignore this advice, perhaps becuase of its tone or approach and loose another s11 suporter.

XXOO andrew rance
email: raver123@hotmail.com



If you and I are having a single thought of violence or hatred against anyone in the world at this moment, we are contributing to the wounding of the world.
- Deepak Chopra, sept 2001






If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito.
- African Proverb

e1 = economists for civil disobedience

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