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Toys given away with McDonald's meals are being produced by child labourers in a sweatshop factory in China. Children as young as 14 work up to 16 hours a day in the factory packaging toys. They are paid $A5.25 a day, work seven days a week and live 15 to a room in spartan quarters where they sleep on wooden bunk beds with no mattresses.
source:sydney morning herald

BHP is the major shareholder of the Ok Tedi mine in Papua New Guinea, which dumps 80,000 tonnes of waste into the river each day. The Ok Tedi River is dying. Its fish and the forest surrounding the river are dying. The river is bloated with milky-grey sediment and won't recover for generations. The livelihoods of tens of thousands of local people who depend on the river for water, food and transport have been devastated by BHP's mine.
source:mineral policy institute

Microsoft Chairman and CEO Bill Gates' net wealth of $51 billion is greater than the combined net worth of the poorest 40% of Americans - 106 million people.
:corporate predators

Nike factories still use compulsory overtime, humiliating treatment and extreme verbal abuse agianst its workers
:urban community mission - jakarta 1999
- more nike info here

Reebok paid Liverpool Football Club $38 million 4 endorsments, enough to more than DOUBLE the wages of the 40,000 workers that make reebok trainers in China and the Philippines
:christian aid + n.i.march.96

Shell has admitted importing weapons for Nigerian police - observer28.1.96
The Nigerian government has killed hundreds of anti-shell protesters
:shell nigeria action coalition.97

Crown Casino sacked all its limo drivers a couple of years ago and they were re-employed the same day by Hallmark Hire Cars. The drivers went from full time employees with all the benefits, to being paid piece rates on a 12 hour shift, with no holiday pay, sick leave or long service leave. Crown provides fully maintained vehicles to Hallmark who merely allocate the jobs as they come in, they are paid $90/hour per job, the driver receives $15/hour. It is not uncommon for the drivers to work a 12 hour shift and only be paid $45 before tax.
source: Philip Skehan

General Electric tested aircraft engines by throwing birds into running engines
:animal lib.96

Supporting brutal / repressive regimes:
BP gives money to the military in Colombia.


BP secretly rented 150 officers + 500 soldiers of the Colombian army to serve its "security" interests, and brought in British counterinsurgency professionals to train the Colombians.BP also exchanged intelligence information with them, some of which was used in tracking and killing local "subversives."
source:london guardian 11.9.96 +

PepsiCo has in-house animal-testing facilities.


twinsNestle continues to break W.H.O. Codes on the sales of breast milk substitutes.

The international Nestle Boycott continues in 2000, latest updates here.

Nestle encourages bottle feeding by giving away free samples of baby milk to hospitals.

In the UK, bottle-fed babies are up to ten times more likely to develop gastro intestinal infections, but in the Third World, where clean water may be absent, bottle feeding is more dangerous.


photographic evidence here


Philip Morris' Marlboro brand was estimated to have killed 75,000 Americans in one year.

During the apartheid years, Colgate had subsidiaries in South Africa and in 1990 had a 27% share in the South African detergents market.
Colgate-Palmolive has animal testing undertaken for it by outside contractors.

Colgate-Palmolive has been using prison labour in Missouri to produce it's products. The Missouri Prisoners Labour Union has called for an international boycott of it's products.
source:National Communications Office Missouri Prisoners Labor Union

Whirlpool had dealers going door-to-door soliciting poor, unsophisticated and elderly customers to purchase satellite television dishes for $1,100 plus 22 percent interest. The same equipment could be bought at an electronics store for $199. An Alabama court found whirlpool guilty and fined them $301 million.
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