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benevolent action for neo-humanism

an affinity group is a group of people (4-20) that know and trust each other. It is a clique, team, gang, cabal, of people that share similar ideological and practical aims and wish to work together.

to register your s11 group or affinity group and for more info on affinity groups please see the organising page



S11 - AWOL meet every thursday 6.30pm
northcote bowling club
pearl street northcote

S11 AWOL facilitates actions, holds skill-sharing workshops, and supports and empowers people with information and tools to enable us to most effectively shut down the World Economic Forum. S11 AWOL is a non-hierarchical, decentralised and autonomous network. We are committed to taking direct action for social and environmental justice through creative resistance to capitalism.

email: s11awol@yahoo.com
web site: www.antimedia.net/s11awol
phone: 0500 800 379




the S-11 alliance are organising a week of cooperation, networking + protest action against the WEF

we will provide support and assistance to anyone attending the s11 actions

'S11 alliance' meet every wednesday 6.30pm
RMIT swanston st melbourne
building 14 level 4 room 1 and in noisy foyer
near bowen street - all welcome - map

s11 alliance office:
RMIT student union
level 3, building 8
swanston st melbourne
post: po box 12387 a'beckett st melbourne 8006
email: s11Office@netscape.net
phone: 03 9925 3327




bicycle courier service training rides
8pm thursday nights
august 10, 17, 24, 31st + september 7
e-mail for location: s11express@bigfoot.com

Please subscribe your affinity group to the iXpress courier service.

iXpress is an activist courier service that will be operating during S11, our role is to facilitate communication between affinity groups and the Independent Media Centre particularly in the event of electronic communication disablement.

"On Demand" Courier services will be available on the day by phoning, e-mailing, and sms'ing our CBD office, however to ensure efficient emergency communications, we ask you to make arrangements to subscribe to our service.

This involves making arrangements for a contact person in your group to make regular contact with our riders who will include into an "Area Of Responsibility" patrol.

You will then be regularly checked by riders during your time in operation.

The courierservice will funtion for the entire 72 hours of S11.

You are also requested to make regular status reports that will be forwarded to the Indymedia Centre.

By visiting our site, you can download a message form that can be used to facilitate efficient transmittal of messages during S11.

We are also recruiting riders for the service.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to the address below.

iXpres and all subsidiaries have no formal, informal, political, corporate or commercial association with the Austrasian Cycle Messenger Championships, Bike Couriers Australia, Victoria Police, ALP, One Nation, Greens, Socialists, Reclaim the Streets, Bicycle Victoria Critical Mass Australia (Pty Ltd), or Critical Mass groups of

Tuesday 28th August:
iXpress Training meeting/ride Tue 7pm Queensbridge/Bananna Alley

Thursday 31st August:
iXpress Training ride - . Thu Ride and meeting, meet at 8pm Cnr Bananna Alley and Queensbridge (Melways 1A G10)

phone: 03861 14689
email: s11express@bigfoot.com
web site:




Any bands djs + musically inclined people who want to play to the crowds during s7-s14 please contact us!

There will be stages/PAs available! - email s11music@yahoo.com




Pt'chang Nonviolent Community Safety Group is coordinating a Legal Observer Team during the S11 actions against the World Economic Forum at Melbourne's Crown Casino.

The Legal Observer Team will observe, record and monitor arrests and the individual actions of the Victorian police and private security personnel during the three day event.

In particular the Legal Observer Team will;
distribute information on legal rights to members of the public at the S11 protests;
Observe, monitor and record details of interactions between police/security personnel and members of the public;
take photos and/or video of arrests if they occur;
make a detailed written account of the arrest;
collect the name, number and/or a physical description of the arresting officer;
find out whereabouts or follow the arrested person to the police station;
work with the S11 Legal Support Group to monitor, support or contact the arrested person whilst in police custody;
assist the S11 Legal Support Group to collect information for use for future legal defense or police complaints processes.

By doing so, the Pt'chang Legal Observer Team aims to help create the space in which people can protest and engage in nonviolent civil disobedience at the World Economic Forum free from intimidation, harassment and violence.

How to find the Legal Observer Team Volunteers with the Legal Observer Team will be walking around the action site throughout the event and will be clearly identified in bright jackets.

Also, ask a courier from iXpress and they should be able to contact us for you.

The Legal Observer Team is all-volunteer group and will work on a roster basis throughout the event.

We are limited by numbers and energy. We may not be able to meet every request for support and will endeavor to observe and provide arrest support to the best of our abilities as volunteer time and energy allows.

Legal Observer Team: ptchang@angelfire.com




All are welcome to join us. We are meeting at Narre Warren station at around 7:30am to catch the 7:45 train to arrive at Flinders St at 8:42. If you cant make it to Narre Warren or if its out of the way you can get on this train at any other Pakenham line train and we'll be on the back carriage.

Or otherwise you can choose to meet us at Flinders St. When we arrive at Flinders St we will move to Platform 4 to meet the Belgrave Line train. If this train does not arrive on platform 4 we will meet it at whatever platform it is on. We will meet together at the end of this platform at the end the train is coming from. The Belgrave train is scheduled to arrive one minute after the Pakenham train(ie 8:43).

At 9:00 we will join the dsp student march to crown from Flinders St. We will then go on to join the Green Block on the west side of crown.

We may choose to wander around and see what other groups are doing but we will not be participating in any physical violence. We may make a loud noise but we wont be making any violence.

If the protest begins to get violent we may have to leave or go to a different part of the city ie the melbourne stock exchange.

If you have any queries or problems dont hesitate to msg me or Brett Munckton ( hundert@hotlinks.net.au )

I hope the protest goes well and I believe in solidarity we can achieve great things. - Cya, Nathan Roberts

My name is Nathan Roberts and I am from a group of students from Endeavour Hills who realize that the WEF has just f***ed up our world too much too get away with it.

We will be participating in a protest against the WEF conference on Sept 11. We will be meeting at 9am on Monday Sept 11 at Flinders St Station.

If you are interested in joining our protest you can contact me at: thenaynay@start.com.au

PS. WEF is going down!




this group meets every saturday 12pm
resistance centre
level 5 druids house
407 swanston street


September 11, 1pm Flinders St Station
then march to crown casino to join the fun!

leaflets available for your school or attend weekly organising meetings

email: melbourne@greenleft.org.au
james 9859 9760
tim 9639 8622





we have leaflets to distribute to schools in victoria

we have handed out 6,000 leaflets (july 2000) publicising the high school student strike for September 11th

contact us to get leaflets for your school

ON S11:
meet 9am on monday 11th september at flinders street station to march to crown casino where we join university students and workers for the big s11 protest!

web site: socialist party
phone: 0408588586 + 9417 0805




oh oh you've recruited me!

For all Wesley High School students interested in coming to the carnival on Sept 11th contact me!

email: s11wes@chickmail.com



Requesting all Wesley students (any year) who want to participate in the fight against the WEF.

email: Wesley_S11@hotmail.com




We are students from Wesley College Glen Waverley.

Any Glen Waverley students who are interested in the prevention of corporate globalisation and the demonstration against the World Economic Forum contact us now.

email: wesley_gw_s11@hotmail.com



meets every wednesday 2pm
2rd floor
union house
melbourne university

we are discussing lead-up events to the WEF, co-ordinating + assisting interstate students + raising awareness of issues of corporate globalisation on campus

for more info contact your environment or education officers or check 'This Day' for details

email: s11melbuni@mail.com




s11 swinburne meets every tuesday 1.30pm
4th floor union building
hawthorn campus

To share info and discuss s11 planning.




We are the Victorian College Of The Arts Student Union.

We represent the interests of all students at the VCA.

Inclusive in these interests are the core environmental and human rights issues that the WEF theaten.

The students of the VCA are all emerging artists and highly competent in their specified areas.

We plan to have a series of actions at the WEF conference that will highlight and utilise these skills.

Feel free to contact

phone: 9682 1123
email: vcasu@excite.com


Students interested in making big puppets, costumes, masks etc. for protest against the WEF on S11?!!

Come on down to the - Victorian College of the Arts Activities room on:

Mondays between 2:00pm and 5:00pm and
Wednesdays between 9:00am and 12:00pm. (other times can also be arranged)

We have stacks of materials, so all you need to bring is your fun self.

We at VCA want to get other creative groups happening . . . so if you are not sure how to get involved in S11 and you are interested in music or dance or rapping or whatever, contact us also.

Jessica 96861156 e-mail - enviro@vca.unimelb.edu.au or
Hanna 83448011 e-mail - hanna@union.unimelb.edu.au




F.A.C.T. (Fighting Against Corporate Tyranny) is a group organising for s11 at Monash Uni, Clayton campus.

We are raising awareness of problems with the WEF and globalisation and building a Monash contingent for the protests.

We meet every Wednesday @ 1pm in Conference Room 1, Union Building.

For more info.

email: FACT_Monash@hotmail.com
or cfos1@student.monash.edu.au




We are a group of Community Development students from Chisholm TAFE in Moorabin Victoria Australia.

We are planning in the next few weeks (august 18+) to facilitate a maximum amount of consciousness raising within our network and amongst other student organisations in order to contribute the maximum amount of imput into the coming social actions.

email: lillynine@one.net.au




We have been organising heaps of stuff out at Latrobe Uni.

On Thursday August 24 we decided (after our showing of Breaking the Bank) to set up a register of Latrobe students who want to be part of the Latrobe University Student-Staff contingent/affinity group for the S11 Blockade.

To be part of the Latrobe Contingent students and staff should register at s11latrobe@yahoo.com or by signing-on at the registration sheets available at the Latrobe SRC Offices and on stalls outside the Agora.

For any further information or to help out students and staff can contact the email address above or phone:

Chris Atkinson on 0401 081 856 or
Jorge Jorquera on 0417 588 628



Friends of the Earth - FoE (Melbourne) is a community based activist organisation campaigning for social justice and environmental sustainability.

FoE endorses non-violent civil disobedience at the WEF Asia-Pacific economic summit and supports the involvement of the broadest range of groups possible, particularly indigenous people, people from culturally diverse backgrounds and those dispossessed by processes of corporate led globalisation.

The WEF provides an important opportunity to protest the devastating environmental and social impact of specific corporations like Shell (human rights in Nigeria), Western Mining Corporation (Uranium Mining and indigenous Rights) and BHP (Ok Tedi in Papua New Guinea). Further the forum represents a model of decision making we reject entirely - big business and government getting together behind closed doors without the involvement of the communities most affected by their actions. We believe WEF’s agenda of ‘creating more dynamic and investor friendly environments’ will only exacerbate the current environmental crisis and massive inequalities that exist within our society.

Join with us at the World Economic Forum and
demand global justice and environmental sustainability.

FoE's fabulous organic food co-op and grassroots bookshop will be open extensively during the S11 period. Feel free to pop in to 312 Smith Street. Collingwood, or drop us a line if you would like to get more involved. (03) 9419 8700 or email: foe@foe.org.au; web:melbourne.foe.org.au




Planting the Seeds of Tomorrow

A 'life-affirming' action to coincide with S11 All welcome to join this group planning to hand out 'Seeds of Tomorrow' - actual seeds attached to a printed card that encourages people to consider what future world they wish to live in.

We are planning many different creative events, street theatre and a community ritual around the week of S11.

We are building a large 'Spirit Seed' puppet as a mascot and face masks for others.

For more info and next meeting times, visit www.borderlands.org.au/wiseworld

Any queries, please contact David on 9417 2025, or dnaylor@interdomain.net.au




We are hosting an alternative day on September 10 (the day before the WEF begins) to celebrate alternative values of humanity, to help keep alive the dream of a world not driven by the economic bottom line. We envision a park, dancers, singers, dramatic recitals, community rituals, etc, etc.

dave collis: 03 9815 1677,
jacinta lithgow: 03 9419 1677
web site: www.jubilee2000.org.au

see the events page for more info



trades hall is organising two events : a media event for sunday the 10th of september and a rally on tuesday 12th september - www.globaljustice2000.com



On wednesday the 7th of june 2000 earthworker minted it's support for the S11 coalition, and to other groups or coalitions involved in "non-violent and inclusive preparations for this once in a life time opportunity."

Earthworker is a caucus of trade union and environmental organisations' members coming together under the auspices of Victorian Trades Hall Council in the recognition that workers' rights and concern for the environment are a common issue.


email: earthworker@earthworker.org.au
web site: www.earthworker.org.au
phone: 03 9639 7688
mail: PO Box 285 CARLTON SOUTH, VIC, 3053

earth worker are presenting a counter conference on september the 9th with 'public first' and 'south movement'




Public First are orginizing a conference to anticipate the World Economic Forum Asia-Pacific Summit on September the 11th.

see the events page for more info




snuff puppets will be sending a family of giant puppets to the s10 celebrations on sunday the 10th - for a picnic

we also plan to send a team of smaller more agile puppets to crown casino early on september the 11th - all x-snuff puppets are asked to contact the snuff office if you are interested in taking part

web site: www.snuffpuppets.com




This group is for discussion of the grip of death these corporations have on us, and for the artistic side -- education through poetic saturation etc.

We are taking the path of the electronic activist - we need YOU to help us blitz the web with data.

Electronic activism is not only versatile but it is very , very effective.

Can be violent Online now can you?

email: s11.tempest@disinfo.net
egroup: www.egroups.com/group/s11tempest




Feminist Avengers are a group of militantly anti-capitalist, militantly anti-sexist, militantly anti-homophobic, and militantly anti-racist women based at Monash University, Melbourne.

Without ridding the world of capitalism we will not be able to achieve women's liberation.

With corporate globalisation and the increasing gap between rich and poor it is women who suffer the most. 70% of the worlds poor are women, it is women who are raped as weapons of the wars which the arms manufacturers perpetuate, it is women whose bodies are viewed as commodities, and it is women who must and are taking up the struggle to end this.

A fight for feminism must be a fight against capitalism, and a fight against capitalism must be a fight for women's liberation.

The Feminist Avengers meet on a regular basis and helping to organise and build for the WEF protests through disseminating information about the relationship between globalisation and women's oppression is a major priority.

To get in touch with F.A. and fight globalisation from a feminist perspective, please contact Rosi, at feministavengers@yahoo.com




Xborder Our Struggles Are As Global As Capital

Our Movements Cross Borders

Xborder thinks that nationalist anti-globalisation responses to the situation in which we find ourselves in are inadequate, because the ability of global capital to enforce competition and austerity is premised on nationalist and racist divisions. In the last decade of the 20th century, as trade and financial movements were deregulated, as the rules governing the actions of bosses, merchants and bankers were eased or abolished altogether, it became almost impossible - subject to imprisonment and criminalisation - to flee the impoverishment brought about by austerity programmes, to escape the wars, the economic and environmental devastation brought about by IMF and World Bank-sponsored 'development' and debt- induced conflicts.

Those who cross the borders without papers are jailed without trial, without charges, stripped of their rights, unable to communicate and depicted as a threat.

Against this. we say freedom of movement poses a direct challenge to the geography of global workhouses and poorhouses -- the 'first' and 'third' worlds -- that form the basis of the threat and possibility of 'capital flight', disinvestment and relocation, the index of the global 'race to the bottom'.

In the lead up to s11 we are organising a gathering for JUSTICE FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS AND MIGRANTS at the Maribyrnong Detention Centre 53 Hampstead St, Maidstone, in Melbourne, Aug 26, 2pm. We welcome other groups' participation, and encourage you to put out your own statement in support.

Close the internment camps - Grant asylum seekers the same rights as everyone else - No borders

NEW! http://www.geocities.com/xborder/xb_6.html
Dismantling the global enclosures ...and repression (detailed report on woomera, and more)

email: Xborder@yahoo.com.au
web site: www.antimedia.net/xborder




The branch meeting of the CFMEU on Thursday July 13 heard the State Secretary announce that building workers would participate in the demo on Tuesday September 12th.

He also endorsed the use of CFMEU first aid representatives for the three days September 11th-13th.

Later the Assistant Secretary said he would organise a large marque to be erected at the front of the Crown Towers to house the first aid crew.

We will try to get it set up on the Sunday night (September 10th) ready for the next morning.



s11stencil is a group that hopes to target 'non-traditional' stencil sites, particularly, in the eastern suburbs.

with each stencil, we will back it up with a small www.s11.org stencil.

we are not regular activists.



The Global Economy exists because of one fact, 'Our food is locked up from us.'

If we want freedom from multi-nationals we need to change the fact that we have to purchase our needs when nature has supplied them for free.

Plant seeds is a group of people that believe in positive activism that benefits society by providing access to food on common land.

On Sep 11 the world will be focused on Melbourne for the S11 protests to shut down the World Economic Forum.

With thousands of people standing together saying NO to the further exploitation of people on the planet for the monetary gain of the multi-nationals, we are taking the opportunity to show the world our idea of a YES.

On the day we are asking people to bring seedlings, seed, mulch, manure, newspaper and tools to build a sheet mulched garden based on permaculture principals outside of the Crown Casino.

We are only going to build a demonstration site during the S11 protest but we are hoping that a day or two later we can meet as a mass of community and reclaim an under utilized park and turn it into a peoples food park.

We are currently scouting for a park that fits the criteria, we are in need of more people, ideas and resources so if you would like to join us in saying yes please contact me by joining our email list.

Go to our site at http://www.egroups.com/group/plantseeds and hit the JOIN button or send an email to us at plantseeds@egroups.com

If we take responsibility for ourselves and as a community grow our own food then no one can control us.

When we as the people lead the leaders will follow.

Peace River



pre-s11 action:
tagging the cbd with the slogan : SHUT DOWN DA WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM.

s11 action:
an eastern european style candle shrine on the footpath - full of flowers and pictures full of inspiration - a place for quite reflection at night - a place for little notes - a place for our messages - please bring a candle

to be set up at dusk on s11

web site: www.shutupandshop.wild.net.au




There is a medical co-ordination group in operation, and we are organising co-ordination of 1st Aid on the day.

We invite anyone to come along and help us.

The CFMEU-S11 Alliance first aid has divided the protest into 2 hour rosters beginning 4pm on the Sunday S10 and finishing at 4pm on the Wednesday S14.

Please, if you have level 2 or 3, or are a nurse, or have a basic knowledge of first aid, volunteer yourself for as many roster spots as possible. Phone 94170805.

Also, we need donations (get in the queue) of saline solution, and bandages.

email: s11medical@hotmail.com
egroup: www.egroups.com/group/s11mediccoord




Workers Liberty believes that global capital can be dealt with only by an international federation of workers' republics. Demonstrations rally opposition, but do not overthrow capital. We use Marxism to analyse capital, and to understand how to create a liberating socialist alternative. Every member has the right and duty to develop and express their own views, including in public, while supporting duly-decided actions. We seek to mobilise our workmates and neighbours, towards labour and community alliances for global solidarity. We meet in several cities.

email: wlaus@ozemail.com.au
web site: www.workersliberty.org/australia




Healing space group for s11. We need a space and more people!

S11 Healing Group hope to set up a space (all ideas on where very welcome!) to chill out, have a massage, some reiki, chai or just curl up on a couch and debrief with someone.

We need

a) space
b) ppl willing to give massages, reiki etcetera
c) cushions, couches, mattresses etcetera
d) food ppl/chai tea ppl

The idea is to provide a comfy relaxing space for ppl to just chill and get some healing!

contact karen

email: heals11@yahoo.com




Civil Action started to ensure the safety of my fellow humans and my planet.

Civil Action focus on such issues as:
Nuclear testing and Austrailas nuclear program, Racism, Enviromental Issues Greed of Politicians and Rapists (Money hungry companys)

Civil action will do there best to stop these savages from taking our planets resources and our planet.

To put it down plain + simple Civil Action will be there on Sep 11th and will take part in any plot to stop the planet and people from being hurt any longer.

email: ramriot@hotmail.com




A group set up in the Eastern suburbs, involving students, parents, workers, unemployed, unionists, academics, environmentalists, human rights activists, socialists...

We hold regular meetings, to discuss the events in September and issues surrounding the world economic forum.

Currently, we are trying to organise bands to play in September, targeting various groups in the community with information - such as parents, school students, workers etc.

We are also planning a public meeting, to be held in the Eastern suburbs, which will inform the local community about September's events and protest as well as the issues surrounding the world economic forum.

We are available anytime for info.

Anyone interested in working with us or being a part of our public meeting, don't hesitate to contact us.

email: eastalliance@one.net.au ?
bec: 9879 2592 or 0401 386 804
cass: 0401 223 697




food not bombs s11 working group meets wednesdays 6pm
builder's arms
gertrude street

If ya wanna help us feed people over convergence/ S11 come along, or email us.

Wish list - pots, bowls, spoons, your time and energy..

Everyone is invited to come along and get involved.

email: foodnotbombs_melb@yahoo.com.au




HEY ALL !!! My name is redbek, I am a member of the AWOL s11 performance paratroopers !!!
I am interested to finding out who else is performing/playing/singing/dancing/colouring etc etc etc @s11
I'm itchin to find out
HOW !!!!!!!!!!
so perhaps we can meet and avoid overlap swap skills and resources and and show the W.E.F a freakishly beautiful, dissastified, LOUD, bright, colourful and unified front


I've set up an email address so we can communicate with each other and find out some stuff we're going to need to know about the day.

it is

So please mail me all you performance kids

Lets start fiding each other and making this HAPPEN !
Lets Meet !!!

love to yall




Socialist Worker believes that it is possible to halt the global corporate agenda if we unite and fight back.

The mass rallies at Seattle, Washington, and Millau in France show there is a growing mood to fight the destruction caused by a capitalist system that puts profits before human need and the environment.

What the World Economic Forum does globally, Howard does locally. Fighting corporate globalisation means fighting the Liberals' cutbacks, racism and sexism, too.

We can all organise, but it is the workers who produce the corporate profits who have the greatest power to hit the system hardest.

Socialist Worker has 15 branches around the country, made up of workers and students who want to fight the WEF, but who also want to turn the world upside down and fight for socialism--where human need comes first.

web site: www.vicnet.net.au/~isoaus
email: socialist.worker@netstra.com.au
phone: 03 9386 4815
mail: GPO Box 1473N, Melbourne, 3001




Together the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) and the socialist youth organisation Resistance make up the largest socialist tendency in Australia.

We are drawing on this base to help build a broad inclusive protest movement based on political demands, in the lead up to September 11 through such initiatives as:

- working with Friends of the Earth to pull off the GLOBAL ACTION CONFERENCE in Melbourne, involving over 230 people in debate and discussion on ways forward and alliances

- distributing GREEN LEFT WEEKLY, Australia's largest and best progressive newspaper - www.greenleft.org.au/globalaction

- playing a practical and political role in getting work done in the S11 Alliance and other forums

- building solidarity with trade union struggles in the Asia Pacific by supporting groups such as ASIET (www.asiet.org.au) and initiatives such as the tour of Indonesian trade unionists in late August

- organising networking tools such as the GLOBAL ACTION RADIO show produced on Melbourne Community radio 3CR

- helping to gain support for S11 from unions through our members who are rank and file activists, shop stewards and organisers

- helping to build a high school walkout on S11 (Resistance previously organised the largest highschool walkouts in Australia's history against Pauline Hanson)

- working on campus and on the streets to get information and alternatives out to people

- having some fun along the way with things like the McDebate with Rod Quantock on August 25 at Brunswick Town Hall (see events)

- and much much much much more!

We do a hell of a lot, and as Marxists we are finding the ways to pose broader alternatives to the politics of global capital through such initiatives.

Find out more and get in touch www.dsp.org.au (RESISTANCE CENTRES IN EVERY CAPITAL CITY AND MORE) in Melbourne visit our bookshop on 5th floor, 407 Swanston St Melb (opposite RMIT).

phone: 03 9639 8622




UACT has been formed by union activists concerned about the growing dominance of corporate capital and growing wealth and power disparity across and within countries. We aim to raise awareness about these issues and biuld internatinal solidarity that challenges the World Bank, IMF, WTO role of implementing neo-liberal economic and social policies on behalf of the big corporations.

We have developed a statement of principles that includes a call for the cancellation of 3W debt, an end to SAPs and discriminatory trade practices,and for Australian trade union and environmental groups to focus on solidarity with related groups of the south.

We have organised seminars in Melbourne 27 August and Sydney 2 September featuring speakers from the Indonesian Front for Labor Struggles and the People's Resource Centre of the Philippines to devlop links and assist in promoting s11.

Fro information send an email to <m_sjoberg@hotmail.com> or




Australia Asia Worker Links
PO Box 264 Fitzroy Victoria 3065 Australia
phone: 03 9419 5045
fax: 03 9416 2746
email: aawl@ozramp.net.au




Our group is the Buddhist Peace Fellowship.

It consists of practising Buddhists who are dedicated to working for justice and social change in a spirit of peacefulness.

So far no special plans except to be there.

We welcome anyone who shares our aims to join us.

Contact person, Helen Dell.

We are meeting Sunday 10th Sept:
to discuss plans and make decisions about our presence at S11. Also making placards, so bring materials and ideas.
Studio 1, Organ Factory, Page St. (off Wellington St.) Clifton Hill
1.30 - 4.30 pm Sunday 10th September All welcome

Helen Dell
25 Bangalore St.
Ph. +61 3 9376 4076
Fax. +61 3 9372 6303




thursday 31 august 3pm
friends of the earth
-- smith st

MonSanta Clause is coming to town!

MonSanta Clause is preparing to come to Melbourne for the September 11th protests against the WEF at Crown Casino.

"Time to Santa-Up for Global Justice!"

"I've checked my list, I've checked it twice, and none of these buggers are on it, none of them have been nice", MonSanta said of the hundreds of Corporate and industry leaders that are coming to the WEF meeting.

"I've had to bring in dozens of my cousin MonSanta's to help carry all of the lumps of coal for Shapiro [Monsanto's CEO] and his mates".

MonSanta Clause and his cousin's started out as an attempt by the-company-formally-known-as-Monsanto (now incorporated with Pharmacia) to patent and control Christmas.

In a leaked statement dated July 16th, 1999, a Monsanto spokesperson said:

"Well, Christmas was really our idea, and we've taken a patent out on the spirit of giving.We've also taken one out on the specific cultural DNA of Santa Claus. And we think that we've made significant improvements to Santa.MonSanta Clause is the future of the spirit of Christmas"

However, MonSanta Clause escaped during the summer of 1999-2000, supposedly fleeing to the Antarctic.

No one thought they would ever hear from him and his legion of clones again.

But now MonSanta's back, and he's not happy.

"It's time to Santa-up for global justice and shut down the World Economic Forum', MonSanta said. "It's time to let these buggers know that the spirit of giving is alive and well, and that we're not going to let them patent away life as we know it. MonSanta's going to stick it to the WEF!"

MonSanta Clause. Giving kids cancer since 1901. A proud sponsor of the 1969 Vietnam War.

For more info please email us on: monsantaclause@disinfo.net or just turn up at Crown Casino, September 11th, with a big group of Santa's




A motion passed by the Victorian Greens' State Council, August 2000 reads;

Given the enormous environmental damage and increased social injustice produced by unregulated corporate globalisation, with its inherent emphasis on profit-making ahead of all other considerations, the Victorian Greens Party:

(1) supports the "S11" non-violent mass protest, blockade and rally at the World Economic Forum (Asia-Pacific) on Sept. 11-13 at Crown Casino;
(2) urges all Greens branches to promote S11 within their local communities;
(3) endorses and encourages all members to gather at the S11 rally under the Greens Party banner; and
(4) calls on Greens in other States to adopt a similar motion in support of S11.

web site: http://www.vic.greens.org.au
email: greens@vic.greens.org.au




queer s11 melbourne meets every tuesday 6.30pm
union building
swanston st

We are a group of progressive queer activist concerned about the impact of globalistion upon the gay community.

We are affiliated with S11.

email: milkbar@smartchat.net.au




UNITE, a group set up by Vic Trade Hall Council to organise lesbian, gay bi and transgender workers.

We exist to improve the policies and activity of unions about lgbt issues and to increase membership and activity of lgbt workers in the unions.

We will liase between unions, VTHC, and lgbt groups to help build the s11 protests.

phone: 03 96623511




The revolution will be silly.

Was it Emma Goldman who said 'if I can't dance it's not my revolution'?


Inspired by the Revolutionary Cheerleaders and many a bad (?) teenage flick the Valley Girls are already creating pandemonium, especially with the media who won't take us seriously(whatever?)

If you want to be silly... dress is bad 80s gear and will be able to be fashion police liaison get in touch!!

"wef? eeew gag me with a spoon!"
"bill gates is such a pillow case"
"corporations as good global citizens? like fer sure"
"capitalism? HELLO, ever heard of sharing?"
"solidarity, like forever"






BSOD is a Melbourne based affinity group.

We are a (very) amateur percussion group with the objective of creating music with others during the S11-S13 period.

We hope to provide moral support through percussion music for/with other protesters during this period. Anyone wishing to hook up or pratice with us before or on the day feel free to email us.

contact: bsods11@yahoo.com.au




Benevolent Action for Neo-Humanism is an autonomous affinity group working through the social philosophy of ANANDA MARGA. We are based in Melbourne. We work for the ideals of Neo-Humanism

"Human beings are sentimental beings and when the sentiment of self is extended to all beings in the universe, it is called Neo-Humanism"

On the economic level we work for Economic Democracy - a decentralised economic system based on the co-operative model. We cannot support Monopoly Capitalism.

Our sister orgs were present at Rio, Seattle and Washington. Here we are trying to organise an activists program of meditation, chanting, revolutionary songs and rhythmic dance at the stage being set up across the Yarra. This will be every morning from 11th to 13th.

We meet at the Ananda Marga Centre, 25 Hall Street, Coburg. Contact Geeta @ 98485346




We are as 5-7 Turkish Australians currently running a campaign agains multinational gold mining company Eurogold/Normany which is planning to operate 565 mining using cyanide in Turkey.

During Wold Economic Forum, we are going to participating to S10 Conference and Jubilee 2000 handing our leaflets and collecting signature and also we are going to participate blocade on Monday S11.

Further information:(03) 9481 1282 & 9470 4591