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to register your s11 group or affinity group: please see the organising page




On the second anniversary of their disarmament action at Jabiluka uranium mine, Jabiluka Ploughshares - Ciaron O'Reilly and Treena Lenthall - announced their intentions to join nonviolent direct action at the World Economic Forum in Melbourne on September 11th.

O'Reilly and Lenthall have both spent 4 1/2 months in Berrimah Jail, Darwin, since their Nagasaki Day '98 action.

Making the links between nuclear violence and global exploitation O'Reilly stated, "It's one big armed robbery - the nukes and depleted uranium munitions provide the muscle for Corporations and First World governments to exact their high theft from the 3rd. World. Whether the weapon systems are fired or not, they make the armed robbery possible. 40,000 children will starve to death today with these weapons pointed to their heads.

O'Reilly who participated in the June 19th. takeover of London's financial district last year, has spent two years in prison for nonviolent resistance in a variety of countries.

Ciaron O'Reilly will will be available to speak in Melbourne to peace & justice groups, churches, schools from Wednesday evening Sept 6th. on such issues as
*Nonviolent Resistance and Prison Solidarity
*Mandatory Sentencing and Northern Territory Prison Conditions
*The Continuing War Against Iraq
*The International Ploughshares Movement
*Reflecting on Nonviolent Resistance to the War on East Timor Contact Ciatron

phone: 07 38446146




The Freedom Ride will be an affinity group at s11 with (a Toyota Coaster bus) with banners, flags and rooftop PA.

The Freedom Ride is 4 men, three vehicles which has been on a journey for justice throughout NSW bearing witness to the failure of drug prohibition policies and the inexorably rising prisoner population.

Check our story at

We have been on the road since 30 September visiting the major jail towns of NSW - Grafton, Glen Innes, Tamworth, Cessnock, Bathurst, Junee, Goulburn, Lithgow and Sydney.

Of the 7,300 full time prisoners in NSW jails at this time an estimated 80% are incarcerated for drug related crimes.

The NSW prisoner population is growing at about 8% per year.

This growth requires the equivalent of two new prisons the size of Bathurst and Goulburn per year.

New jails cost $50 million each to build.

Each prisoner costs taxpayers about $60,000 to house.

We believe the US driven Drug War is the pointy end of globalisation.

The Drug War has been the political means by which our civil liberties have been stripped away, by which our police have been re armed with new weapons and powers of search, surveillance and arrest and by which incarceration has been made a growth industry.

The privatization of jails means the creation of a new slave class.

The Wackenhut Corporation (HQ Florida) the biggest supplier of private "correctional facilities" in the USA also owns jails at Junee NSW, Brisbane Qld and Sale,Victoria which hold a total of about 2,000 Australian prisoners.

Listed on the New York stock exchange, it profits from holding 40,000 inmates across the world.

Our message to s11:
End the Drug War & Release the Prisoners! No more Drug War prisons! No more Drug War prisoners!

Please contact us and tell us where best to fly our flags.

web site:




This is to register a group of Greens Politicians and their supporters as an affinity group for s11.

Most are arriving on the weekend immediately preceding sept 11.

Greens politicians attending s11 so far are:

Lee Rhiannon MLC (NSW Upper House)
Christine Sharp MLC (WA Upper House)
Jim Scott MLC (WA Upper House)
Cr David Risstrom (Melbourne City Council)

The Young greens are organising an event on Friday September 8th.

The Greens politicians plan to hold a press conference on Sunday morning Sept 10th in support of s11.

All Greens intend to meet in Melbourne (over dinner) on Sunday September 10th.

Greens politicians have circulated a letter in support of s11 to all politicians in all Australian parliament asking them to sign on to the statement. - word document

Here are a few words describing why the pollies are coming:

"As parliamentarians we believe we have a responsibility to highlight the detrimental impact the process of corporate globalisation, as promoted by the WEF and like minded institutions, is having on the democratic process. We will continue to raise our voice in defence of the democratic process inside our parliaments and in association with anti-globalisation protests such as S11."

If you any questions or suggestions please call.
Ben Oquist 0419704095
Ben Oquist Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown Parliament House
Canberra 2600 Australia
+61 2 62773170 ph
+61 2 62773185 fx
0419704095 mobile





The next meeting of the Central Vic. S11 meeting will be held at the Guildford Pub at 4 pm on Wednesday 2nd August

We are a group of concerned people living in Central Victoria, Daylesford, Castlemaine, Maldon etc. who are planning publicity and action on S11 and beyond.

We are currently meeting fortnightly with the aim of producing leaflets of specific issues concerning globalization for our local communities.

Major concerns among members are the environment, and "economic" development which detracts from our communities, and the difficulties faced by local farming products being replaced by imports.


The World Economic Forum are the economic dictators who control our world. They are controlling our governments, our work and our business. They downsize our jobs, they displace our people, they dump products on our markets ruining our farmers, they genetically engineer our food, they force governments to privatize then snap up the bargains, they pollute our farmlands, forests and seas through greed, and they control our news and media.


People around the world are getting sick of the 'global economy'. They want an economy that benefits the people, not just Corporations. Actions by ordinary people have stopped meetings of the World Economic Forum in Seattle(USA) and have warned it to start listening to the people. On September 11th, people from all over Australia and the world, will be joining together at the Crown Casino in Melbourne to give corporate leaders the message: 'People Before Profits'. September 11th. Crown Casino, Melbourne.

Central Victorian S11 Committee
P.O.Box 441 Castlemaine. 3450
email :
phone: 5470 5161




the geelong S11 group meets every thursday
5.30pm - 7.30pm
trades hall
myers street

UPDATE: we're not holding our regular meeting time this week SEPT 7th , as we're attending the convergence meeting in collingwood

join the geelong contingent, on the 6.52am train from geelong station, on monday 11th september. once at spencer street station, we will be assembling at 8.15am with other regional and city groups, to conduct a large and noisy march down to the crown casino. bring banners, big puppets, and instruments to create a carnivale atmosphere!

We are a broad profile of the Geelong community, represented by environmentalists, trade unionists, students, workers, feminists, retirees, teachers, and parents.

Basically, anyone concerned with the current violent world order.

In these weeks leading up to the protests, we are endeavouring to disseminate the truth about the WEF around the Geelong region.

However, come September 11, we will be shimmying down to the Crown Casino to do (peaceful!) battle against capitalism-gone-crazy.

We call on all other concerned people from the greater Geelong region to join us.
phone: 03 - 5222 8834




holding a public forum at melbourne town hall
'couldn't we live perfectly well without money'
on - september the 15th

see the events page for more info

or check out the forums web page with speakers list:

andy blunden:




We are GECO, or the Goongerah Environment Centre Office. We are situated in the heart of East Gippsland's old growth forests in Victoria. We exist to protect and defend (non-violently) forests which are being destroyed (clearfelled, burnt, and mainly then woodchipped) at an alarming rate and scale in our ancient and biodiverse backyard. We support, do media for and regularly communicate with blockades and direct action in the area. We are also actively involved with local and regional indigenous sovereignty issues, including support for "no jurisdiction" of 'colonial' government law in traditional lands (including unalienated old growth forests) where 'natural' lore/law must be respected.

There is a blockade currently running in the GOOLENGOOK forest. This is Victoria's longest ever running blockade (3 years) ! Logging has been approved here this year, and could commence any day. Already the government (DNRE) has allowed the destruction of several coupes in this beautiful forest. It won't happen again if we have our way, especially now that FORTRESS GOOLENGOOK in it's medievil splendour bloks the road !

We fully support any initiatives to undermine the WEF and hope to attend the action...but some will have to stay behind to literally hold the fort. New people (numbers) are urgently needed for support, to keep the camp running and to give others a break. Skills such as climbing, rigging, cabling, cooking, media, legal etc.. are welcome.

phone: 03 51540156




Bendigo Tafe students would like to inform anyone interested in travelling with us to the s11 on Monday to meet at Bendigo station at 6.30am for a 6.43am departure.

Everyone is welcome, bright clothes, loud musical intruments, banners etc will help us gain attention as we make our way to the casino, looking forward to seeing you.


We're a group of welfare and community development students from the Bendigo Regional Institute of Tafe.

We'd like to invite anyone from our local area or beyond to come and join as we protest against the degredation of our environment, the explotation of people in developing countries, multinational greed, famine etc.

That's on a world scale, closer to home the divide between the have's and the have not is growing rapidly, welfare reforms will see those who are most vulnerable in society placed under more pressure as the government applies the theory of mutual obligation.

If these and other issues affecting our world concern you please contact us.

We're travelling by train to Melbourne on the day, details aren't finalised as yet but we can let you know.

Looking forward to meeting you.

phone julie: 54383227




Hillbillys11 is a small group of individuals based in Gippsland hill country with grave concerns about the state of world capitalism and the policies of globalisation represented by the WEF.

In particular we worry about the increasing degradation of the environment by large multinationals and rampant unchecked consumerism in the disposable society. We oppose the unfair erosion of workers rights and conditions while company profits soar year after year and corporate elites receive outrageously gratuitous levels of renumeration while the majority of the globes citizens live in poverty, inequality and repression, their human rights abused!

Hillbillys11 advocates a shift in focus to community and human centered economics, protection of small business, fair work for all, the redistribution of profits and tax burden, and promoting the care and restoration of our environment. We wish to see our society and policy move away from 'bigger is better' policies of globalisation, irrational privatisation, unaccountable corporate power and unfair competitive advantage, and the waste of our natural resources, leading to ecological decline.

On s11 we will link arms and unite with our sisters and brothers to promote a wider understanding of the issues, and progressive change in policy. We hill hoist a couple of clever placards. We will loudly voice our concerns!





s11 adelaide alliance meets every thursday 7 pm
cannon poole room
level 5
union building
adelaide university

Working groups are busy on transport, publicity, a workshop weekend with a fundraising band night and an action of some sort and an afternoon/evening of music.

A number of actions are being planned, hopefully one every couple of weeks with the first on Friday 4 August at 4.00 pm targeting McDonalds.

There are at least 20 people who want to come to Melbourne but will need some assistance with transport and accommodation.

A student liaison group has been set up to involve the student community and some liaison is happening with church groups.

In solidarity S11Adelaide Alliance



s11 brisbane meets every monday 7pm
room 1.39 queensland conservatorium of music
14 grey street
south bank

groups agenda:
a) finding out more about the world economic forum meeting on Sept 11 and the human rights, indigenous and environmental issues surrounding the olympics games, and
b) organising protests in melbourne + brisbane against the WEF + the corporate games

From that a zine/booklet to educate around the issue is hoped to be produced, and all the rest: fundraising, organising transport, bringing lots of people in.

There is a bribane non-violence/legal support collective which is a sub group of the Bris s11 alliance.

We are organising non -violence training and will follow up with post arrest support in Bris.

We are also a contact point for affinity groups forming in Brisbane and are planning actions for Melbourne and Bris.

Some up coming events organised by the Brisbane S11 alliance are:

Non - Violence Training:
Saturday, Aug 19
Albion Peace Centre
102 McDonald Rd
9:30 am - 1:00 pm - non violence training / legal briefing
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm, planning meeting for Aug 25 Day of Action.

Day of Action - Community not Corporations:
Friday Aug 25,
Occupation of Queen St Mall assemble 11:00 am,
King George Square

Critical Mass:
assemble 5:00 pm
King George Square

Brisbane s11 Gig:

Saturday, 26th,
s11 awareness/funds raiser
Double Helix, 84 Alfred St, The Valley,
Bands include:
FutureNative, Spacejunk, Relish and Angel.
Plus screening of footage from Seattle.
Doors open 6:30 pm, DJ till 3:00 am.
$6 unwaged/ $10 waged, tickets available from 4zzz, UQ Student Union & Justice Products-192 Boundary St, West End.

Non Violence Training and WEF teach in Saturday, Sept 2, Albion Peace Centre 9:30 am - 1:00 pm non - violence training/ legal briefing 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm WEF & globalisation teach in.




ACE-J meets every 2rd thursday 5pm
second floor

brisbane trades
Hall Peel and Grey Streets
south brisbane

Our next meeting is thursday August 3

We are the Australian Coalition for Economic Justice (ACE-J) based in Brisbane. Closely affiliated with Economic Reform Australia (ERA), AJACS and the People's Movement Sydney.

We are a coalition of some 40 groups ranging from Church Social Justice Groups, pensioner organisations and small business.

We formed to fight Economic Rationalism after contact with similar groups in Canada.

We are non-political and opposed to Monopoly Capitalism (Globalisation). We are concerned about the environment and the ongoing desertification of Australia.

We have been promoting the Melbourne action against WEF as we this as being a rare opportunity to make a statement and many of our members will be in Melbourne for this historic occasion.

We have established contact with the local s11 and co-operate them. Our representatives attend their meetings and we publish information in our newsletter.

john morris: 07 3863 2957




QuACE meets every wednesday 5.30pm
Qld Conservatorium of Music
somewhere in brisbane

We still know the 'R' in queer stands for revolution!

QuACE (queers against corporate exploitation) is a collective of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people committed to working in the community to raise awareness and mobilise against corporate control of our society.

QuACE will aim to make links and work with unionists, feminists, environmentalists and other LGBT affinity groups at s11. QuACE supports the call to shutdown the WEF and will be mobilising queer people in Brisbane to attend the protest.

For more information please phone:

Kat or Mark on 07 3875 7109




canberra s11 alliance meets every thursday 6.30pm
175 City Walk Civic
above Dymocks Books

phone: 6247 2424, 6262 8488, 6247 4549.

UPDATE 20/7/00

just thought I'd let everyone know that we had an excellent public forum here on Thursday night - about fifty people came to "From Seattle to Melbourne, Fighting Global Capital".

Alistair Greg, a sociology lecturer from the Australian National University, gave an excellent talk. He debunked many of the myths of "globalisation". He argued that nation states were not in decline but were willing accomplices to the international capitalist drive to wind back workers rights in an effort to increase profits. He argued that contrary to the view peddled by governments and some sections of the union movement, it was not that easy for productive capital to move around the globe in search of the lowest paid workers. The real battle was not to defend the rights of the nation state against international institutions but to defend people's rights against neo-liberal governments and multi-national corporations. He threw all his support behind the S11 campaign.

Deb Foskey from the ACT Greens and the co-ordinator of WTO-Watch also spoke on the night. She slammed the hypocrisy of institutions like the WTO and IMF claiming to adhere to principles of democracy or transparency. She also drew a clear link between environment and social justice issues. Issues raised in discussion included the need for international solidarity between workers as opposed to economic nationalism and the need for the S11 campaign to support the rights of refugees.

As well as drawing together those who'd been at meetings previously there were heaps of new faces - many of whom put their names on contact lists and car pool lists.

The next event organised by the Canberra S11 Alliance is a teach-in on corporate globalisation on Saturday August 12, 1pm at the Manning Clark Theatre 6.




It is seeking financial support from the ANU Students' Association at a general students meeting on May 29 to get campus students down to the Melbourne protests.

teach in - globalization:
SATURDAY AUGUST 12TH - propably from 1PM
Teachin on Globalisation.
The details are currently being worked.

james: 6247 2424
indra: 6262 8488
ben: 6247 4549




S-11/NOlypics LISMORE

meets every thursday 6pm
lismore workers club
keen street

The purpose of the group is the publicise S11 and organise transport, accommodation and information workshops on the issues, our rights and what is going down (besides the WEF).

S11/NOlympics Lismore is a broad community group being run out of the SRC at the Southern Cross Uni.


Saturday, August 5th: leafleting, information and street performance @ Magellan Street Lismore from 10am.
Sunday, August 6th: S11/Olympics information stall and performers @ Lismore Carboot Markets, 7am - 3pm (get your name on the roster!).
Saturday, August 12th: leafleting, information stall and performance @ Magellan Street, Lismore (get involved!).
Sunday, August 13th: S11/Olympics information stall and performers @ the Channon Markets, from 7am (get your name on the roster!).
Saturday, August 19th: S11 Fundraising Variety Night (Venue to be confirmed), we still need more performers, sound equipment, food to sell on the night etc.
Sunday, August 20th: S11 Training Conference 9:30am - 5:30pm (donation appreciated)
Wednesday, August 23rd: Olympic torch relay and AMP Olympic Roadshow reaches Lismore.........Information stalls, street performance etc.

*Theatre/Arts/ Rohan 66854 178.
*Fundraising/ Rin 66228 822.
*Media/ Craig Bulley on 66203 044.
*Logistics (inc. transport, accommodation etc) Edda on 66203 044. *Lismore Action Group/Anti-Olympics Bernie on 66 203 044.

Buses still not secured, does anyone know someone with a bus we can borrow to get us down to Melbourne?
For fundraising events, food/nourishment for our trip down to Melbourne etc.
We need posters and leaflets distributed throughout Byron, Lismore, Nimbin, Murwillumbah, Mullumbimby, Ballina, Lennox Head, Tweed Heads, Kyogle, Grafton, Casino, Evans Head and everywhere else. We need badges made, more posters, leaflets drawn up and banners painted. We also need volunteers to do lecture bashing at SCU Lismore (put your name on the roster). Lastly, we need people to write letters to the editor, articles for PULP(Student Newspaper) and other newspapers and newsletters.
Anyone who is interested in improvised street performance, leafleting and general awareness raising activities in the streets of Lismore, Byron and Nimbin.

Sunday August 20th in Lismore (venue to be confirmed) Workshops and Forums On:
*Globalisation, World Economic Forum (W.E.F.),international struggle.
*The Olympic Games and indigenous justice.
*Activist rights/legalities training (on Melbourne & Sydney laws).
*Non-violent training.
*Direct action workshops.

Let us know ASAP if you are able to make it to the conference and if you require childcare or transport. FOR MORE INFORMATION, TO REGISTER OR TO RUN A WORKSHOP call Edda, Dave or Bernie on 66203 044 or email us

phone: dave, edda or bernie: 02 6620 3044




The rainforest information centre has been working to protect forests and all the peoples and beings who depend on them for over twenty years.

In that time we have seen that preserving islands of biodiversity will not be enough to rescue our planet from disaster.

We recognize that only through a complete shift in our awareness and consumptive habits will we be able to co-exist with the remaining species on earth.

We must change the economic terms and systems which allow us to destroy ourselves in the name of progress.

web site:
rainforest information centre
mail: PO Box 368 Lismore NSW 2480




S11 beehive meet every sunday 3pm
the beehive
8 lewis st

Tea and coffee are provided at the get togethers, with bbq facilities for those who want to cook.

The aim of the s11 beehive is to provide a regular time and space for people to get together, in a good social environment, around the s11 protest and the many issues linked to it.

The s11 beehive want to promote as much autonomous action around s11 as possible, and are encouraging people to create their own affinity groups, to develop diverse actions for s11 in newcastle and melbourne, and to go on and encourage others to get involved.

Activities at the get togethers are not prescribed, they might include: music, political discussion, workshops, planning, painting, singing, brainstorming,.... Anyone interested in s11 is welcome to drop in.

nev: 02 4969 4246
tom: 02 4960 2467



FRIENDS OF THE EARTH - Northern Rivers

At least one member will be coming down to join in the fun.




s11 perth meet every thursday 7:30pm
city farm
184 brown street
east perth

we are consistently having 20-25 people at our meetings, and the energy is high

s11 perth is a decentralised support space for people in WA wishing to go over to melbourne for S11, and for those interested in organising a solidarity carnival in perth

regular (possibly biweekly) actions focusing on different transnationals

networking for an S11 solidarity carnival /rally in Perth

discussion of supporting Perth people who wish to go to Melbourne for S11

plans for publicity, and media liaison before during and after S11

On September 11:
the people of Perth will be rallying in support of the Melbourne demonstration. Events kick off at 12noon at Parliament House, followed by a march at 12.30 arriving at the Perth Stock Exchange (Sherwood Court, off St. Georges Tce) at 1pm for music, speakers and a street party. The rally is being supported by a wide variety of social justice groups, environment groups and unions."





People from all walks of life within Byron shire have come together to formulate plans for public awareness and education leading up to september 11th.

Whether joining the rally in Melbourne or doing somthing local.

upcomming events

*Monday 21st Aug. Liz Elliot is speaking at the surf club about what you can do in regards to globalization.

*Wednesday 23rd Aug. The byron s11 action group meeting to organize activities and continue to spread the word. Come along and check it out.

*Astaria and Mark Eglington will be reappearing at the Byron Steiner School on the 28th of August. Discussion of the global issues and how they can be resolved.

anyone interested should contact the e-mail address for more details





S11 Sydney meets every thursday 7pm
august 3 meeting: emu cafe enmore road, enmore
august 10 meeting: hopefuly at newtown neighbourhood centre -TBC

S11 Sydney is a new group that has formed as part of the international protest against global capitalism.

S11 Sydney aims to facilitate actions, hold skill-sharing workshops, provide support and empower people with information and tools to enable us to most effectively shut down the World Economic Forum. S11 Sydney is a non-hierarchical, decentralised network of autonomous affinity and working groups. We are committed to taking direct action for social and environmental justice through creative resistance to capitalism.
There is lots to do - here is a brief (and incomplete list). If anything takes your fancy, contact us and come along to our next meeting:
-direct action skill-sharing workshops
-setting up affinity groups
-transport to melbourne

***ideas for affinity/action groups***
lock-on groups, media, communications, intersection blockaders, medical teams, legal support, radical theatre, music, blockade strengthening (flying squads), unarrest squads, banner making, postering, pranks...etc..etc..etc..
S11 Sydney is not a forum to push political ideologies. We are organising to get people down to Melbourne to shut down the World Economic Forum, and providing the skills and organisational necessities to do this. The group is open to all who want to do something practical. NO POLITICAL PARTIES. NO PAPER SELLERS.

for our next meeting time and place





CACTUS meets every thursday 6.30pm
UTS broadway
level 3
outside french cafe

CACTUS (Campaign Against Corporate Tyranny United in Struggle) is a new group that formed to organise the Mayday2k (M1) actions in Sydney.

Since M1, we have continued to organise around campaigns such as FairWear and the Indigenous Student Network's Reconcilliation actions.

Our aim is twofold; to organise as many anti-corporate groups (especially Trade Unions)as possible to be involved in actions in solidarity with the international movement, as well as local actions against corporate scum, AND to inform the general public of these issues by skilling up activists to give talks / teach ins / speak outs / etc.

Our main goal for the next 3 months is to get as many people to s11 and olympics protests as possible AND to tell as many people (who wouldn't come to these things) why these actions are so important.

Jesse: 0415 161 911




next meeting: unknown

The Sydney S11 Coalition is planning to assist 300 people travel to Melbourne for the protest.

The group is comprised of representatives of trade unions (CFMEU, MUA, AMWU, PSA, FSU); student organisations (NUS, CACTUS); NGOs (Aidwatch, Minerals Policy Association); The Greens; The Search Foundation; Australian Anti-bases Coalition.

It is about unity in the Sydney Left movement for getting people on the streets in Melbourne and raising awareness here on problems of globalisation.

As well as fundraisers to help with the cost of travel and accomodation we are organising a public meeting about the issues on September 5.

Contacts for Sydney S11 Coalition
Phil Davey (CFMEU) 0414 867 188
Karen (CACTUS) 0412 462 646




There are excellent people organising around S11 on every campus in NSW.

Three people who are absolutely on top of things are Noha Ramadan at Sydney Uni (contact thru SRC), Karen Illes at Mac U (0412 462 646) and Ryan Heath at UTS (0408 704 427).

There are registration forms to fill out if you're coming down and money to hand over - $50 return if you're without income.

sydney uni: Noha Ramadan at SRC
mac uni: Karen Illes 0412 462 646
u.t.s.: Ryan Heath 0408 704 427




Slams all at s-11. This is to anounce that our Sydney cell the T.A.J ( Total Aesthetic Jihad )will be travelling to Melbourne to support the actions against the WEF.

We are an Autonomist group dedicated to Poet Terrorism in support of all those in the world alienated by the 'Spectacle' who seek to resist under the Black Flag of Pirate Utopics the commodofication of the spirit of humanity.

Our online Zine *DAS KINKY* will be represented by myself & other's in our group as it is my intention to 'cover' the action at the WEF by way of the very media that is used against us.

I will be photographing everything over the 3 days & conducting interviews with as many action groups & members of various teams as possible, in order to illustrate through our Zine the successes, short-comings, dedication, humanity & solidarity of all who banded together to make a difference.

Our actions to date have yet to be clearly defined as yet (Pending a meeting) & so remain secret at this point in time, but we will be there in total P.T style to protest & subvert the WEF in as many way's as is possible.

Any lone(ly) Sydney persons wishing to connect with the T.A.J may do so by contacting me at, whereupon a contact number can be provided for further discussion & logistical support. Activism is our catechism!

Abufimat Ibn Cadiz Cell co-ordinator (T.A.J) Sydney




This discussion group is for Tasmanians wishing to participate in the peaceful protest action against this year's WEF meeting. Share information about transport, accommodation, affinity groups, local action, and strategies for on-the-day.

This group is intended as a central forum for all Tasmanian S-11 announcements.

Individual enquiries about S11 activities in Tas can be directed to our email account or the Hobart email below.




An S11 group is currently being set up in Hobart. The group has already been involved in actions around Genetic Engineering and Nuclear Ships.

Currently (july 2000) we are preparing actions for the National Labor Party conference and State Liberal Party conference. We are also gearing up for guerilla gardening actions and Hobart's first Reclaim the Streets. The group is comprised primarily of members of the Uni Tas Greens and operates out of the University of Tasmania, Hobart campus.




An s11 collective is now running in Townsville - our main aims are to disseminate information, encourage local action, and support those people in Townsville who want to participate in the disruption of the WEF proceedings in Melbourne.





Q.U.T. students are heading to Melbourne for S11.

We are currently trying to organise transport and encourage student participation.

If anyone wants to contact us we are at our address and site.

Thanks Arnie.

egroup site:
email the egroup:




meets mondays 6pm
ironworkers building,
second floor, 325 crown street,
wollongong (next door to dicey rileys)

An s11 collective has been formed in Wollongong to help support the s11 alliance protests against the World Economic Forum meeting in Melbourne. The Wollongong s11 collective is helping to organise local publicity, forums, information distribution, benefit concerts, films, fund raising, training workshops, as well as transport from Wollongong to Melbourne for those wishing to join the s11 mobilisation to shut down the WEF.

Wollongong s11 collective email:

Ph:02 42262010




The Northern Territory Greens would like to be registered as an affinity group.

I am in melb at the moment and will be present on the 11-13th, and the Territory Greens will be making noise about the show up in the NT.

Feel free to call me on 0438 421701.

Cheers Andy Gough Convenor Territory Greens





s11 auckland meetings are held every thursday - time unknown
methodist city mission
opposite town hall
address unknown


saturday august 19:
Stall at K1rd - Agit-Prop Workshop. 10-5 pm

tuesday august 22:
Picket Helen Clark. Maidment Theatre. University of Auckland. 1-2 pm

thursday august 24:
Screening of World Bank/Washington video. . Architecture Design Theatre, University of Auckland. 7 pm

saturday august 26:
K1rd Stall. S11 presence at anti-capitalism conference - Agit-Prop Workshop 10-5 pm

28 august - 9 sept:
big publicity push will need to take place before Semester Break

friday + saturday september 1 + 2:
Anticapitalism Conference. Auckland Trades Hall

The conference has a variety of different speakers including from the Green party, the s-11 coalition, Asia pacific solidarity links, jubilee 2000, Mario rautner from seattle, Pacific island coalition action group, trade union federation president, justice for refugees and asylum seekers, political review editor - chris trotter and the Socilaist workers organisation.
The topics of discussion and debate include:
*globalisation and rebellion in the 21st century poverty, exploitation and resistance in the developing world ecocide and genetic frankenfoods - how can we save the planet ?
* are western workers privilleged or are they the key to defeating corporate power ?
* The media, ideas and resistance - how right wing ideology is loosing it's strength
* Seattle in the south pacific - shut down the WEF
* plus an info-action session on immigration controls and rascism.

this event will be part of the build up to the s11 events in Nz and somewhat of a teach in and way of building the numbers for the demos

friday + saturday september 1 + 2:
S11 stall

saturday september 2:
Agit - Prop Workshop

saturday september 2:
Benfit gig to help raise money to send NZ activists over to Melborne to participate in s-11.
In the evening at the K-road Ballroom, aucland central.

sunday sept 3 to sunday sept 10:
Going hard for outreach about protest.

monday september 11:
PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION assemble @ freyberg place, 12 noon!

tuesday sept 26:

web site:



next meeting:

Plans so far include a video evening mid-August, and then a solidarity demo with street theatre on September 11, starting 4.30pm at the Amphitheatre on the corner of High Street and Cashel Mall. Cheers Mathew

the last known S11ChCh meeting was on Monday 31 July at the WEA Centre, 59 Gloucester Street, Christchurch

there are also s11 groups in hamilton, wellington - more info soon




We -the Turkish communist youth- are glad about the rising of the movement.

However the protest meetings like Seattle have very different kinds of politics, we can say that the meetings have started to have a militant style and anti-imperialist spirit.

In fact the most important one is that. We may gladly report you that we also will make an action in 11 september in many cities of Turkey.

We are in of that cities: Ýzmir ( a metropolitan city that has nearly 4 million population).

We wish days full of struggle for all the world proleteria and all people that lives unfairness...



US QUEER.COM, based in San Diego, California, U.S.A., supports fully the actions of all participants in non-violent protests at S11 in Melbourne, Australia during September, 2000.

For us Queers, in particular, liberation will not come via consumption.

Legal recognitions of our equality, governmental protection of our liberties, or human acceptance of our rights to fully express our lives can not be purchased like microwave ovens with the so-called "pink dollar."

If any of those could be, their foundations would be so shallow as to place our very lives in the vulnerable position of being purchased by a higher bidder in the marketplace.

allan ross: Music Radio will pre-empt its regular music-only broadcast schedule in order to relay broadcast streams which support the truth about S11

24 hours daily, beginning with the start of events in Melbourne.

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